Caring and United

I have been silent for a long time and during that down time, I realized that so much water, detritus and slime has passed under the bridge. And there is a promise of more to come. So silence really isn’t a good excuse. Rising from the darken water passing beneath me I hear voices. (Yes, a quick flashback to the late ’60’s) What I hear is praise for hate in the form of weak statements about neo-nazism coupled with a pardon of a racist ex-sheriff. Not all is lost. I know that this country can survive an ego centric, narcissistic and insensitive temporary leader. We’ve been down this river before although not at this level of corruption and ugliness. It is as if the moral compass of the oval office is spinning in no particular direction. True North is lost. Right now the compass is useless. Shame!

In 2016 we chose a lesser of two evils. I wonder if the actions of the last 8 months have proved that statement to be a falsehood. We aren’t simply experiencing buyers regret.  No this choice we made is plainly and simply the result of cultural blindness. Yes, we made a big mistake. It is no longer refreshing to hear a man “telling it like it is.” His “like it is” is disgusting and painful to hear, with his blatant lies and all. We all own it as Americans even if we didn’t vote for him. We are all in this together, unfortunately or maybe fortunately if we see the pony in all of this crap.

However, in spite of everything else we have in just in the past few weeks had a glimpse into what it really means to be an American. We all, science deniers and science proponents looked to the skies on the 21st of August to watch one of natures most spectacular events, the eclipse of our sun star. For a few hours we watched the darkness of the celestial event make its way across the United States, relieved when the sun began to shine again. There was hope. Even more recently, in the past few days we have seen the goodness of ordinary Americans in their boats coming to the aid of their fellow citizens. They went from house to house in Houston. There was no polling taking place, “Are you Catholic?” “Are you protestant?” “Are you gay or straight or trans?” “Are you black, or Asian or illegal?” “Are you rich or poor?” No, the main question asked, “Do you need help?”

That’s needs to be our response wherever we live. Yes, we need help. No side line bitching. Our democracy needs help especially now. The response however, needs active participation. The response needs less compound-ism and more wall trashing. We, who have worked all our lives and have retired have the time now to make something uniquely grand. The response is not just wearing a red hat or wrapping oneself in the flag, any jackass can do that. Hat wearing isn’t really that risky. Hell, I wear a Giant’s hat 700 miles away from home plate at AT& T Park. Nope, the response needs vocal caregivers who do rather than just talk, bitch and moan. It means volunteering, actively resisting un-American pronouncements and moving out of our comfort zone. After all, the most valuable thing I have to give away as an American and as a human, is my time. I don’t get it back. It is worth it to give it away positively. My daily hope is that we, you and I are the people who are actively working to make our country worthy of it’s name, The United States. You game?

…and so it goes…

A little song, a little dance, a little coffee down your pants... 40 years in the high school classroom and now on my own. A chance to think about stuff and how it affects everyone, not just me. Now residing in Oregon volunteering for a refugee organization.

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