R.E.S.P.E.C.T. I have been told is earned cannot be demanded. When people demand it, they really don’t deserve it. They are needy. Respecting people is a free will choice and as such can be taken back. Sometimes we show respect as a nicety, as in I respect the work that you are doing. It’s only after we get to know them that the real choice of respecting the person or not respecting (not disrespecting) comes into play. I can respect the office of the President but not respect the president. If the current occupant of the White House chooses to lie and deflect personal responsibility then the choice is clear. Agendas and actions give us an insight into people, into who they may be. One who lords it over people never admitting one is wrong out of a misplaced fear that others would perceive one as weak is to deny one’s humanity.  It is a sickness divorced from reality. We make mistakes. We make bad decisions. 

wash, make yourselves clean. Take your wrong-doing out of my sight. Cease doing evil.

Learn to do good, search for justice, discipline the violent, be just to the orphan, plead for the widow.(Isaiah 1:16-17)

It comes as no surprise that during this season of Lent, that we are asked to turn away from living a life that has lost it’s focus on “the other” and helps us to re-create our real purpose as being “a little less than the angels.” This seems to suggest that we are all equals, rich and poor, powerful and powerless, faith full and faith less.

‘The scribes and the Pharisees occupy the chair of Moses.

You must therefore do and observe what they tell you; but do not be guided by what they do, since they do not practice what they preach.

They tie up heavy burdens and lay them on people’s shoulders, but will they lift a finger to move them? Not they! (Matt 23:2-4)

We as a species on this earth have a collective responsibility to care for the other. Those with power have a greater responsibility to care for those who cannot care for themselves. That is where respect is played out in action.
and so it goes…