Sometimes it’s just too easy. There is so much that has dribbled out of the White House in the last month that makes me think we have an non-intellectual, bragadocious and extreme narcissist sitting in the oval office. While one would need to be somewhat narcissistic to run for president considering he has an audience of 319 million people as a captive audience, what has been demonstrated during the campaign and continues to be demonstrated each day, the current occupant gives narcissistic personality disorder its definition. Why does Donald Trump needs to keep lying in the face of easily checked facts to the contrary?

Trump has made untrue statements about the size of his inauguration crowd, the “standing ovation” he received at CIA headquarters, the “millions” of “illegal” votes cast in the November election, the murder rate, the news coverage given to terror attacks, and about the amount of vetting refugees trying to enter the country must undergo and, of course, about a nonexistent terror incident in Sweden. And then, there’s the Russia connection. Why is it so hard for this man to speak the truth? It’s sad.

Well, Lent is truth time. It begins right after the Oscars, when we celebrate the “best” the industry has to offer. Names written in the books as “winners.” Almost immortal…almost. I went to the the 1970 awards and still can’t remember who won best supporting actor. Does that mean he no longer exists? Nah. Just that my memory is clouded. That’s the truth.

From today’s scripture reading for Ash Wednesday:

For I am well aware of my offences, my sin is constantly in mind. (Ps 51:3)

Ash Wednesday, a day when we acknowledge that we are not immortal but are dust. That we are imperfect. That we are gonna die. We try and be the best that we can be as human beings, but we can and often do, fall short. That’s the truth. It’s OK to admit mistakes. It’s OK to admit what we say may not be truthful. And in doing so it doesn’t diminish us in anyway. This is the truth about our imperfection.

So instead of giving up something for these six weeks of Lent, maybe it would be a good time, considering the present atmosphere in this country to do something, maybe something inconvenient like volunteering our time. Giving away something that can never be recovered for the good of the other is a terrific gift one can give. And that’s the truth.


and so it goes…