The quote is from Shakespeare’s Richard III, the story of a paranoid king who eventually falls from power. Everything is against him, including the spirits of those he murdered. He tries to look regal puffing himself up even though he knows he is “disgusting looking.” It all comes crashing down in August of 1485. Richard’s horse gets stuck in a marsh and a Welshman comes up and finishes the king off. Richard’s remains are discovered hundreds of years later buried under a parking lot in Leicester, England. What does this have to do with politics today? I’m not sure.  Maybe someone can make a connection.  Sic transit gloria mundi perhaps?  In other words, crazy people have a shelf life.

Like many of you I am outraged at some of the executive orders coming down the pike. Not surprised, mind you, but still outraged. Trump said he was going to ban Muslims and they voted for him and he did of course, leaving out the Muslim countries he does business with. He said he would build a wall and they voted for him. He called the press “fake” and they cheered and voted for him? Yet He hired an editor from an “alt.right” (translated “white supremacist” website[real fake news]) and put him on the National Security Council kicking off the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. They remained silent. He declared he couldn’t show his tax returns because of an audit and they didn’t care and voted for him anyway. They bought his “Make America Great Again” hats that were made in China and didn’t care. Am I surprised? Not at all. The warnings went unheeded. American vales are in jeopardy.
(From my Facebook post):”On international Holocaust remembrance day we, as America, slammed the door on refugees. It is and act reminiscent of the ship St. Louis that was turned away from the U.S. in 1939, a ship carrying Jewish refugees from Hamburg. The immigration procedure we have is already “extreme” as it is. A simple check of the background questions asked will tell you that. There is no “religious test” to enter the United States. That is blatantly unconstitutional. We, in principle do not favor one religion over another, however  Syrian refugees who are Christian are to be given priority and an easier pathway for entrance into our country. For the time being no Muslim Syrian refugees should apply. The door is closed. Call it what you will and justify it as you will, but if a refugee is in dire straights and happens to be from Syria or Iraq (and, God forbid, is Muslim), he is out of luck. His family is out of luck. His children are out of luck. Alan Kurdi, the little boy who drowned and washed up on a beach didn’t make it and it looks like others of his religion or his race won’t either. Muslim ban? Shameful in 2017.”  

The foreigner residing among you must be treated as your native-born. Love them as yourself, for you were foreigners in Egypt. I am the LORD your God. (Leviticus 19:34)

We are America, but the bright shining city on a hill is no more. Trump’s vision of America is no longer a city on a hill. His vision is grim. Our traditional values are disappearing into myopia and manufactured fear. What keeps me going is knowing that together we can endure and resist and have the power to restore American to greatness, not the way the last week has gone, but in the spirit of the Constitution that binds us all. It will take time and energy and commitment. This is not the same resistance that obstructed Obama’s presidency, that was blatantly racist. No, our American response is progressive not recessive. Because right now, this is not my America.

…and so it goes…