gh0502_thanksgiving-turkeys_s4x3There is still much to be thankful for today even while trying to make America great again at the same time (note: It already is). There are family, friends the weather in the Northwest and food, of course. All of these things. Many publications including Steven Colbert  have published survival tips for having a Thanksgiving dinner without mash potato fights. (Yes  mash potato fights do happen!) All of them seem to shy away from bringing up the recent election. Had the results been a blow-out the topic of politics would not have come up at all because it would have been a mandate. But since Clinton scored over 2 million more votes than Trump, it doesn’t seem to be much of a mandate in spite of what that bastion of truthiness Breitbart  says. However since the popular vote only counts to garner electoral state votes, Trump will soon be the 45th President of this Republic. I know, it seems to be unfair but then, again, sometimes so is life. It happened 140 years ago as well.

OK, so shall we move on? Hold your horses Nelly. Moving on means to let go of the past and push forward to the future. This will happen anyway no matter how hard I try and prevent it. On Facebook I am encouraged to let the election results go and quit whining. That’s what grown ups do I suppose. However I cannot but remind my short-term memory friends that the 45th President delegitimized the 44th President’s electability by questioning his native birth. Not for a day or so, but for years. Did he let it go? Hardly, he brought it up every chance he got and still has not apologized for it.

So, let it go? Yeah I’ll let it go, in time along with my youth and a whole list of “what ifs.” So as this new administration stumbles forward with a list of the least qualified, inexperienced cabinet nominees in recent history keep in mind Jefferson’s warning “The price of liberty is eternal vigilance.” The freedoms so hard fought in the last few decades must not be eroded. That’s our jobs as citizens. Let it go. Move forward. Participate. Be vigilant.

and so it goes…