babyI voted and I hope you voted or will vote also. I voted for Clinton because of the two major candidates she is the most qualified. Simple as that. It wasn’t because I like her. It wasn’t because she would be the first woman President following the first African-American President elected to the seat of world power. I voted for her simply because the Big Orange Elephant in the room is nowhere near being qualified to have an address on Pennsylvania Ave. (outside, of course his new swanky hotel on the avenue). I shudder at the thought of a possible Trump presidency. I think a majority of Americans feel the same way. His election would be a yuuuge disaster for the country and complicate America’s role in world affairs. Thin skinned and impulsive are not qualities I’d like to see in the oval office. I want someone with knowledge of world affairs and a curiosity to find answers to complicated questions. True, she is flawed. Even Obama is flawed. I’m not looking for perfection or a one-issue president. I am looking for someone who can multitask and who doesn’t pander to the fears of Americans. The alternative to Clinton is an ego-maniacal, bullying individual who cannot admit when he is wrong. Choosing Trump, I think, would hurt us more than help us move forward and, as a country, move forward we must. The country is moving forward keep up, its not that difficult. As Clinton says, “American is great (already) because it is good.” That’s why I have faith in my fellow citizens to do the right thing; to reject fear and hatred and suspicion. Our goodness makes American great, again and again.

This endless election cycle has been the most surreal time in American politics. I’m sure, by now you’re still an “undecided voter” you’ve been either living in the basement of your parent’s house without the benefit of WiFi or your TV only gets the Hallmark channel. Climb the stairs and go outside. If you’re not an undecided then you must have an opinion one way or the other about the race. Hopefully your opinion is based on facts and research since those are the only opinions worth listening to. I know where some of my Facebook friends stand and although I may not agree with them, I haven’t “unfriended” them. I did have one guy unfriend me because I was too slow in supporting Bernie Sanders, but that’s life I suppose. I will muddle through my life as best as I can considering the circumstances. Our system of government is not perfect but it’s all we have.

Unless you are a die-hard Republican who votes a straight party ticket in lockstep, the choice is quite simple, really. Experience over bluster. At this point I cannot change your mind. It takes too much energy to even attempt it. Vote America.

“and so it goes…”