CharlieOn this Monday morning after the Oscars there really is no need to recount (yet again) my experiences attending the 42 Academy Awards in 1970 (except to rub it in). If you really want a refresher you can check out the story here . Suffice it to say, it was a great evening and I was dazzled. Last night’s show had its ups and downs and at least one mild surprise (Spotlight). Rock’s performance was pretty hilarious for the most part and garnered a few chuckles. The message about the lack of diversity was hammered, and I mean hammered, home throughout the night. There were a couple of odd takes that left me scratching what few hairs are left on my head that included Stacey Dash’s comments and the token Asian inclusion scene with the three PriceWaterhouse-Cooper’s kids. Of course I keep reminding myself that this a private party and we are only pressing our collective noses against the windows, viewing it from outside. These aren’t our awards, these are their awards. If I was invited again to attend I would likely be up in the nose bleed section as far away from the action as possible.

Speaking of awards…What’s up with the Chris Christie and Paul LePage awarding their endorsements to Donald Trump? Yeah, I can’t figure it out either. Just a week before both Christie and LePage were denigrating Trump and now they’re buddy buddy. What last week was an impossible argument for immigration and exclusion, this week has become a “well, that’s not so bad. Hilary or Bernie would be worse than a President Trump.” Really? I mean Really?? I wonder whats behind these changed minds? Secretary of State LePage? Vice-president Christie? The lesser of three evils with Cruz and Rubio? The PriceWaterhouse-Cooper kids are beginning to make more sense now. Is that even possible? I am wondering if both LePage and Christie really think this is a secure step in the right direction?

Therefore, whoever thinks he is standing secure
should take care not to fall. (1Cor 10:12)

On the Republican side of this primary season we have entertaining but none the less, as Lindsey Grahame said, “bats**t crazy”-ness. What happened to civility and honest policies? Trump rarely answers direct questions except using vague superlatives about what will happen in the future and we are supposed to believe him. Walls? Mass deportations? Close down entry into the U.S. for a particular religion?(In today’s US, you could appeal to empathy, telling those hailing Trump that their Irish or Italian or Polish great-grandparents were once just like today’s Muslim would-be immigrants to America: decent, faithful people looking for a better life. But that makes too much sense.) He said he didn’t know about David Duke and white supremacists and that he will “have to look into that?” Really? He appeals to the emotions of his audiences rather than their head because the political brain is an emotional brain. It responds not to data but to instinct and feeling. A bombardment of statistics rarely wins any political argument: which is partly why Michael Dukakis, Al Gore and John Kerry all lost debates to their less cerebral opponents. Trumps followers don’t want logic they want an avenue to vent perceived inequality and fear of them. Their fingers are in their ears singing la…la…la to anyone offering the possibility that what they worship now is empty and dangerous rhetoric and, de facto un-American.

So the awards have been given out, the primary season moves into Super Tuesday with Rubio’s new stand-up act and Cruz’s annoying voice as background music. Trump will continue to dominate in spite of what he says (or anybody else). I, personally am looking for some diversity in the weeks ahead, and unlike the Academy Awards with us on the outside looking in, we choose the winners. To paraphrase the old Grail Knight from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade who said, “I hope we choose wisely…”

and so it goes…