OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAToday is the Ides of March. If you happen to have the name Caesar and are planning a trip to the senate anytime today, maybe put it off until tomorrow. I hear your “friends” are having a knife sharpening party. Soooo….Just a public service message. Speaking of senate, what is up with those 47 guys who write to their “mortal” enemy not to trust us and our treaties. If anyone should write to the Iranians about treaties that may be broken it is our own Native Americans. The Black Hills and the Plains and the swamps are littered with them. But I digress. Tom Cotton seems to be a very silly person who, remarkably, was elected to the Senate last November. I guess we can thank Tom for giving the hard-liners in Iran some needed fodder to boost their positions on the whole nuclear treaty thing. Some of the Republicans who signed the letter are now having buyers remorse, as well they should. It was a stupid thing to do. They also complained that they were in a hurry to leave the Washington and really didn’t think of the fall-out their signatures would have. I am not surprised nor should we.  Often these, and other senators speak before thinking…or skip the whole thinking process all together. Stabbing in the back has become common place with these guys. It’s kinda like Bill O’Reilly reporting from a war zone.

…it is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing. (Macbeth Act 5 Scene V)

Speaking of thinking, my wife’s family is descended from Portuguese immigrants who settled in the farming and cattle country of Lemoore and Hanford of the great central valley of California. Kathy’s grandfather and grandmother had 11+ children. All but two of those kids had children of their own. There were two sets of twins. The last surviving uncle (and one of the twins) of the original Borges family was at the reunion yesterday in Pismo Beach. Family reunions have interesting dynamics especially if siblings and aunts, uncles and cousins haven’t seen each other for a while. There can be tension when old beliefs and pierdifficulties are confronted years down the road. But most of the time when we get new information some of the old beliefs and misunderstandings are altered for the good. While other American families have reunions every few years, this one was a first for me. They came from as far away as Arizona and Idaho as well as from California. Initially there was little to say but as time went on, stories, some never heard before, were shared. They were good stories too. I’m glad we made the trek down the coast for the event. I only wished Kevin and Sarah were here with us. They would have enjoyed the banter and the stories and I’m sure, would have added their own pointed observations.

Speaking of observations…today is the 4th Sunday in Lent (only two more to go). And the readings for today talk about Cyrus, the king of Persia (present day Iran) wanting to build a place of worship in Judah for the one God of Israel. It was to replace the one that had been destroyed by Israel’s enemies. My how times have changed. Now we’re wrangling about nuclear capability and distrust abounds. So the letter from the 47 senators and Bibi’s harangue to congress earlier this month are fraught with condemnations even before a complete understanding of a deal are known from the Persians/Iranians. It reminds me of folks who condemn a movie or a book or even science without having seen or having read it or even having studied it. You know the phrase “Well I’m not a scientist but…” There is a certain righteousness in the ignorance that prevails. What is needed is a little light shed on the issue.

For everyone who does wicked things hates the light
and does not come toward the light,
so that his works might not be exposed. (John 3)

So as we push forward toward the Easter season and Cadbury eggs the take away is that sometimes there can be understanding and clarification of long held beliefs in families as in world affairs with quiet conversation rather than shouting. Shedding a little light on a topic especially around a meal can be the beginning of a world reunion. May I suggest Pismo Beach as a venue?

…and so it goes…