IMG952638There is always hope, even after after some of the seemingly hopeless things that have occurred this year. Today is a time for new beginnings that give us hope, a reset button for our lives. Maybe even a chance for a do-over if that is at all possible. Today reminds us that we have a few months before a new “War on Christmas” begins. Don’t worry we do have some breathing space until that event begins again. Of course   during those down months we have plenty of time to blame new ills on President Obama. Today is also a day for resolutions during 2015. It’s that list of things we are going to change or do during this new year without any regard for reality.

I think I’m only going to make one resolution, or renew a resolution I have made in the past. But more on that in a bit. At my age, exercise and diet are pretty much non-starters for resolutions. This comes from a person who thinks that a cherry turnover and coffee from 7-11 is a well balanced meal. I know, you say, that “you are never too old to…blah…blah…blah.” News Flash: I am.

As a possible resolution I considered  that I  would stop using the banned words for 2015 from the Lake Superior State University‘s annual list. It is a list words which either have been over used or have lost their initial meanings. Words like:

BAE – “before anyone else”

POLAR VORTEX – like a “cold snap” or “winter”

HACK – “tips?” or “doing something better or more efficiently”

SKILL SET – “a bunch of skills to make a set”

FOODIE — “liking food?” like everyone on the planet? So if I like coffee then I must be a coffeeie.

ENHANCED INTERROGATION – “A shameful euphemism for torture.”

I would add to the list the word “AMAZING” — which, according to Merriam-Webster means “causing great surprise or sudden wonder.” The birth of my granddaughter was amazing; a cheese sandwich is not amazing nor is a car, a pencil or a wide screen TV. Please, please stop using it to describe things that are not amazing.

I think my resolution is a lot simpler and is not for the whole of 2015, only each day of 2015. That way it is bite sized and not a mountain. For this I turn to Pope Francis and his outline of three ways to happiness. So my resolution is happiness, and it has three parts to make it work.

The first, the Pope said, is to pray. In other words searching for the joy of the moment not praying for stuff I don’t have. Sort of an open your eyes and see whats around you moment. In other words asking for the sight to see the good, not just the bad.

Second, he said, is give thanks to the Lord for the good things he has given us. Giving thanks is always a good thing. I have a lot to be thankful for.

Third, he continued, is to think “how can I go to others, to those who have difficulties, problems” and “where I can go to bring some relief, peace to those who suffer?” In other words, where can I make a difference today?

One and two don’t require much effort. Three does. How can I share happiness today? So as I wander around my neighborhood riding my bike, I’ll keep those three things in mind. Doesn’t take much to make a new year’s resolution work.

and so it goes…