OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA(Portland Oregon) October 24, 2014 — It’s raining. Yes it is raining here in the Northwest. Amazing? Nah. It rains here all the time. Today we are having a storm and a partial eclipse so it is wet and dark. I am torturing myself by watching “After Earth.” It’s interesting enough but probably not something I would pay money to see. Oh, yeah, it’s raining. It still is pretty novel watching the rain fall after coming from drought stricken California. Tonight is Game Three of the World Series for the Giants after the loss to the Royals Tuesday evening. The series now is two games even Steven. Although MadBum cannot pitch every game, hopefully they can regroup in the friendly confines of AT&T. I have a feeling it will go seven games, but you never know with the Giants.

Ok, now for the baby news of the day. On Monday when my daughter went to see the doctor, her blood pressure was slightly elevated so the doctor told Sarah they would probably induce labor yesterday, Thursday. That put plans in motion for a day or two. Well after the doctor’s appointment on Wednesday and a normal blood pressure result, we are back to a natural progression of things however long that takes. The baby will come when she’s ready, not when we’re ready although I think we’re ready. That’s the baby news up to now. So it is back to a wait and see mode.

My wife arrived Wednesday night by plane so the house is starting to fill up and I have a new companion in the basement. All we need now is a little one to make it complete. The clock is ticking and and we’re still buying baby stuff. I guess things are getting a little tight inside because the baby keeps elbowing Sarah. I think she just wants to come out and play and to see the faces that go with all those strange voices she has been hearing for months now. I hope she isn’t shocked with the revelation. Oh, yeah, it’s still raining.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAApple picking and Alpaca petting were fun activities for a mild Saturday afternoon in Hood River last week. Twenty bucks for a bucket of apples. With Patty, Nicole, Sarah and me we went looking for the best apples for eating and baking. Thankfully there were signs at the head of each row identifying the types of apples on the trees. I’m no Luther Burbank so I can’t tell the difference between eating apples and baking apples. Some are red and some are yellow but unless I bite into one, I can’t tell the difference. So we sauntered leisurely up and down the rows until we had a bucket full, paid for them and then made our way to the town of Hood River for lunch. Nice town, a little preppy and upscale and has probably changed a little bit since Lewis and Clark passed through here along with Sacajawea on their way down the Columbia River towards the Pacific Ocean. It was a great afternoon with great company. Life is short and little uncomplicated side trips like apple picking and Alpaca petting are simple pleasures. The more I stay here in this area the more I feel at home and look forward to when we finally settle here next Summer. The Northwest is very different from the Bay Area but I’ve already become used to it. Portland has rain and probably some snow later on so I will be able to reuse the snow gear I bought for my year in Eastern Europe.

So the baby watch continues and life goes on. Kathy cooked enchiladas last night so all is good with the world. If there is any drawback it’s that I have been sucked into the world of reality television to the point where I can intelligently discuss the fate of the Housewives of New Jersey, Teen Mom 2, Dance Moms and Kim of Queens with authority. It is so sad.  Is this what retirement is all about? Is watching these shows what I have to look forward to in the “home” between Bingo games? Well, at least it’s raining and that is a good thing.

and so it goes…