OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA(Vsetín, Zlinsky Kraj, Česká republika) – I was up at 4.15 am,cleaned the flat and washed and hung clothes! I don’t know what’s up. I keep waking up when the first light of dawn hits my bedroom window. Then I cannot fall back to sleep. This has been happening for the last several days now and I can’t break the habit. So I get up, go out to the balcony with my strong coffee and notice that the only other people up at that time are the people that work in the bakery down the street. I go to bed around 9.30 then read for an hour or so (since I am TV-less) and begin to fall asleep around 10.30 or 11. Maybe I’m experiencing pre-jet lag so that when I land in the Northwest I will be sleeping normally…or not. It’s not driving me crazy yet (since crazy is a relative term) it is just annoying. Maybe I am channeling a farmer from a past life. Time to feed the cows and milk the chickens. But today is a lazy day, that’s for sure.

Yesterday a group of us from school and their kids went to Luhačovice, a spa town not far from Vsetín. The crowds weren’t too bad and the weather cooperated. It’s a place where people go to recover from respiratory ailments and surgery things. The whole place is just walking distance from the town proper and nestled in a beautiful valley. The buildings are eclectic from an almost German style to early-boring Soviet style to post Velvet Revolution newish. The draw is the mineral water which ranges from sulphur-smelling to one with a baking soda flavor. I guess it is an acquired taste thing. I tried several versions that came out of drinking fountains but didn’t quite acquire the taste for it. The grounds are beautiful with fountains and gardens all over the place. And it was a relaxing walk around on level ground. I almost wanted to put on my pajamas and robe and shuffle from one drinking fountain to the other like I was staying there.

We had lunch in the small village of Pozlovice at a nice hotel, the Ogar. I had turkey and a spinach thing with

Sometimes it's more fun to play with the water than drink it
Sometimes it’s more fun to play with the water than drink it

potato dumplings. It was great and there was no hurry to get back or to do anything. It was just slow going and relaxing, you know, the way life outta be. When the conversation turned to the “Game of Thrones” I got lost quickly. My American friend, Marcus, turned me on to the show and now I have been watching this season religiously on the net. But…as many of you know there was a bunch of seasons before this one and there are even books to read. So when the discussion started I was left by the roadside very quickly when Lance and Marcus started talking about this and that character and their motivations and what will happen and what did happen in the past. When I get home, I will watch all the previous seasons so I can at least understand the back stories and not feel like a complete eejit. I can see myself in October saying to myself, in the middle of the night, “Oh, yeah, now I know what they were talking about at that spa place.”

So bring on those lazy hazy crazy days of summer…I’m ready eddy. I will shed many of my evening classes this week and it’s hard to believe that I have been with them since September. Life moves on. My flat is clean for the week. My clothes are hanging on the line and I’m still getting up at 4.30 in the morning. Maybe I’ll get a horse and plow and plant cabbages.

and so it goes…