velke(Vsetín, Zlinsky Kraj, Česká republika)—- It’s raining and at this writing it is about 43 F (6C). I like the rain. It’s not so cold unless, of course, it is freezing rain then it is cold. You follow? Beginning of another week at this garden spot in the southern portion of the Czech Republic. Last week I was nattering on about how content I was to be here. Well I am still content if you are keeping track. I am eating kinda, sorta, well albeit not too healthy (I don’t want to shock my system). I still make fried cheese with ham in the middle of the cheese along with potatoes and sometimes…sometimes I add a salad. Of course I also eat Czech bread no, rather I “inhale” Czech bread. The local super market had a large supply of grapes the size of “dozer” marbles last week. I have no idea where they came from and they didn’t last long in the produce section. I snagged a few bunches in the melee and survived with my life.

Speaking of grapes, I managed to find a website that is streaming the Olympics from Sochi. I have been hooked. No commercials. I think it comes from one of the many BBC channels. It’s not too bad although they tend to talk funny. I was able to watch both of our golds in the “Slopestyle” snowboard competition (is that an insane run or what? And what’s with the nesting doll in the middle of the course?). Very cool. I have always been fascinated with snowboards (as well as skateboards and surfing). Except for the helmet on their heads there isn’t much protection for the riders zinging down a hill going a bazzilion miles per hour. I’ve decided in my next life to be an extreme athlete.( This is coming from a person who was cut from all the high school teams he tried out for.) I’m not sure what I will look like (probably pretty handsome with wavy hair and all) but you will surely know that I have been there (and don’t call me Shirley). Yes, I can hardly wait…for the next life. Meanwhile, I have much to do and it is still raining and Bode Miller is out of the medal hunt on the downhill. He said it was something about the weather. I suppose it was the weather or maybe he just lost fair and square. Hard to say I’m not a skier, well in this life anyway…(see above).

Prepping for my individual classes for this week is pretty much a done deal at this writing. I still have to fine tune some of them bringing in outside supplementary material to make the classes not just “book learnin’.” Sometimes I bring in music or videos and other exemplary demonstrations to the point of the unit or sometimes just to break things up a bit. I have been adept at miming these past few months and my art work on the board should hang in a gallery it is so good. My doggies and horsees and piggies and motorcycles are the epitome of folk art at its best. I always make sure the students copy the art so they can remember me when I go on to my extreme sports phase-life thing.

Walking Dead comes back tonite…for me tomorrow…mmmmm zombies….

A little rambling today, but that’s because of the weather…no wait, that was Bode Miller’s excuse. Oh hell, it’s my excuse as well.

and so it goes…