ornaments(Vsetín, Zlinsky Kraj, Czech Republic) – Good Sunday morning to the world at large. Hope this turns out to be a good day for you. OK, with that out of the way and you thinking I really care how your day is/will be going and giving you the false impression I am in the spirit of the shopping season…lets move on. I am waiting for my new WP plugin-in to “optimize” all of my 600+ photos so they load faster throughout this site. It looks it may take quite a while. I try and lower the size of my raw pictures to half their original size, but I guess that’s not enough. The site still loads slowly. We’ll see if this helps any. I know there is nothing worse than a site that is pokey for visitors, well maybe nuclear annihilation could be worse, but a slow loading site has got to be a close second…maybe.

Looks and feels like snow is coming soon to Vsetín. The temperature at night hovers around 31 F which to me is cold. I do have my cold weather gear ready in the closet at a moments notice. It’s raining today for my walk up to the “chateau” to hear a lecture in English about something or other. It’s up a hill, and recently I have not become a fan of hills. But it will get me out and about on a rainy Sunday.

Speaking of walking, yesterday (Saturday) while wandering around Hovĕzí, a village about 10-20 min out by bus and a world away from from Vsetín, Susan and I got to hear pretty good Wallachian music and see craft workers doing their craft things. I was again on the hunt for genuine Czech creations to send back home for Christmas like I did last weekend in Valmez. This craft fair was different, more real live craft’s people and more real life local costumes and music. Real life rocks. As usual, the village as well as the bus was crowded with adults and families. The weather cooperated and the whole thing was pleasant. I got to smell the hot honey wine which is as close to tasting as I allow myself. I have a very good sniffer when it comes to things like that. Being a teetotaler has its perks. I hear there is another fair as in Rožnov coming up soon. That was the place I visited a few weeks back with the Minton family. By Christmas, I will be craft-fair-ed out I think. I was able to pick up a few cool, unique and inexpensive items for various people back home in California and Oregon. I guess I should find a way to mail them home before Easter.

David and I went to the Kino theatre on Friday here in Vsetín to see Neil Jordan’s (Crying Game, the Borgias, The Good Thief etc) film “Byzantium.” It was a private showing because we were the only two in the theatre. (I guess the 4 person rule was suspended. Previously we had been told the week before that there needed to be 4 people to show a film at the Kino.) Can I tell you frankly, the movie was a dog? Well that would actually be doing a disservice to dogs. It had a promising beginning, but went straight downhill from there. I don’t think I’m giving any spoilers away by saying it was about two immortal women who fraudulently belonged to an immortal men’s club. Let’s say, the guys in the club were not pleased that the women were members and had been searching for them to kill them off. The clubbers lived off human blood. Sorta like vampires who can walk around in the sunlight. Yeah I don’t get it either. I am sorta glad we were the only two people in the auditorium because we both soon started making comments and talking back to the movie. Had we been in the states we would have been unceremoniously asked to leave. Sometimes I think I will never grow out of adolescence.

Well we are marching towards Black Friday and the beginning of the shopping season, oh yeah I forgot, the Christmas Season. Isn’t almost time for the annual “War on Christmas” rants from Fox News? The “holidays” wouldn’t be the same without them. How about ranting about the stores that are open on Thanksgiving Day taking workers away from their families. There seems to be a disconnect here. (Hummin’) ” I don’t care if it rains or freezes as long as I have my plastic Jesus riding on the dashboard of my car….”

and so it goes…