The Convenient Constitution…only for US not them

the constitutionIs it a dusty document or a living will left by the men who wrote it and the states that ratified it? Does it change and get updated with the times or is it written in stone forever. Amendments come and go so it can be changed and re-ratified by the states. In light of recent events in Boston it only goes to show that uninformed pundits on the TV machine really don’t know how the document works. I’m sure  that’s why they say the things they say. As a Republican strategist (Frank Luntz) said recently about right wing radio, “It’s not so much what is said it is what people hear…” Just listening for a day to the people on Fox News one would get the impression that every  amendment to the Constitution does not apply to an American citizen, religious group or differing points of view except for one. That, of course is our (God-given) “right” to have the ability to buy guns any where anytime any place regardless of previous crime or mental health.

The fracture of sensibility when it comes to the rights provided to US citizens seem to boil over when a tragedy like the Marathon bombing takes place. “Suspend this!” “Suspend that!” “The founding fathers didn’t mean blah blah blah…” I am glad that Fox News has so many constitutional lawyers on staff to help explain to us that we shouldn’t have Mirandized Dzhokar Tsarnaev and had him tried in front of a military tribunal rather than in civil court. Well a couple of things are wrong with this un-reasoning. The first and foremost fact is that, in spite of what he may have done, he swore allegiance to the Constitution when he became a citizen and had every right to have his rights under the Constitution read to him. And secondly, he is presumed innocent until convicted by a jury. We cannot pick and choose which Americans we treat as Americans. Good or bad, justice is blind and the guarantees of the Constitution apply to all…even when we don’t like someone. Heavy breathing and hand wringing should not cloud the fact that all are guaranteed rights no matter what we think they did. The civil system as compared to the military justice tribunal works far far better in getting convictions and hearing all the arguments. So unless Fox wants us to be a police state  I think some one in the “news” room ought to read what was written over 200 years ago and amended since that time. Oh yeah, it has to be ratified by the states and not by NewsCorp.

The state is building it’s case in the bombing. Tsarnaev is remaining silent, as is his right. Let the charges be read and the trial begin and let justice be well served. During Lent I asked you to turn off Fox News…now I say, watch and it will become brilliantly clear to you why there is such division in this country…then turn it off of course.

and so it goes…

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