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Quiet evening now in Portland. Light rain…Portland? Yeah. Had a bumpy ride up on Virgin, but check-in and security went very quickly so I’m not complaining. Speaking of complaining…one more day (West Coast Time) of Benedict XVI before we get a brand new Pope. With a few weeks until Holy Week, I know the red-hat guys can do it. Personally I’m looking for a John XXIII type of guy. Someone who can stir up things, get rid of some corruption, streamline the Vatican and open a few windows to let fresh air in. That’s all. Not too much to ask don’t you think?

Anyway, today is Wednesday and after a slow start this morning in Menlo Park, we hopped the big bird to travel 534 air miles to the Northwest. I like Virgin airlines and the fares were way cheaper than normal. The plane wasn’t full at all so Kathy and I had a seat between us, just far enough away so she couldn’t hit me. Drinks are ordered on the TV on the seat back in front of us. Of course I order all the “free” stuff, like coffee. Chips were $3.00 so I didn’t bother. Kathy got the window seat which is fine so she can look at Mts. Shasta and Lassen as we flew over them at 35,000 feet. I read a magazine and watched the little plane on the TV screen fly over the mountains. It was free so I watched. It gave ground speed, altitude and outside temperature. I thought ground speed was odd, but other than that it was a great diversion. I remember watching a similar presentation on Virgin Atlantic, between SFO and the always wonderful Heathrow. On that TV screen it didn’t look like the plane was moving at all, especially over Canada. It made the trip that much longer it seemed. But now we’re with our daughter and son-in-law.

Anyway. That’s Wednesday. I know, I know…not very insightful today, but I’m on vacation.

and so it goes…