February 24, 2013- Second Sunday of Lent

the Moment
the Moment

Back in the way old old days, contracts meant what they meant. They weren’t broken at the first sign of inconvenience. In Genesis around chapter 15 or so, is the contract scene that God made with Abraham. And it was a serious contract. It was a no-messing around contract. In the old days contracts were really visual, like the parties of the contract would walk between split animals sealing the deal. In essence whoever broke the contract could be split in two like the animals. Pretty serious stuff. God and Abraham made the same deal. Abraham walked between the split animals and an image of fire, a torch, represented God. Deals made between gods and humans are iffy at best. We know from mythology that the gods often broke promises with humans. They had tantrums and acted like humans. But the God of Abraham sealed a special deal with the human, that he would be their God and Abraham’s offspring would be his people. Remember Gingrich’s “Contract with America?” How did that one go? Do you remember your congressman or woman making a contract with the Constitution? How are they doing with that? Remember, “Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?” How’s that goin’? Broken, broken and broken. Now if they had “signed” their contracts by splitting animals then there would be a lot of “half-people” hopping around today. Maybe it’s all symbolic or something.

Anyway, today begins the second week of Lent and the Gospel is the Transfiguration on Mt Tabor. I love it because the three disciples are scared shitless at the scene of seeing Jesus, Moses and Elijah all shining and stuff and good ole Peter gets all tongue-tied and says:

“Master, it is good that we are here;
let us make three tents,
one for you, one for Moses, and one for Elijah.”
But he did not know what he was saying. (Lk 9)

Understatement of the year…”But he did not know what he was saying.” Sounds so similar when people are flabbergasted or don’t know something they start running off at the mouth. What has happened to our “contracted” officials in Washington? They too, don’t know what they’re saying. And what they are saying is very silly and unfounded. Speaking of sounding silly with statements that are unfounded, but sound good, check out Fox News…

and so it goes…

A little song, a little dance, a little coffee down your pants... 40 years in the high school classroom and now on my own. A chance to think about stuff and how it affects everyone, not just me. Now residing in Oregon volunteering for a refugee organization.

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