The USS Red Rover
The USS Red Rover

This afternoon, I sent out my application to teach ESL summer school at Stonyhurst College, a Jesuit school in the southern part of England. Why? Because I can. I’ve been thinking a lot about advanced age and such and came to the conclusion that my age isn’t so advanced. Yes I don’t have any hair on my head and yes I have more phony than real teeth in my head. But that is all visual, what people see, what I see. But beneath all that is a desire to explore to find new adventures someplace. So after nearly two years sending out resumes to war zones and Eastern Europe, I saw an ad for an ESL teacher for Stonyhurst. Sounded good. I’m free to do stuff and willing to take the plunge even if it is just for the summer.

Speaking of risks and stuff, on this day in 1824, Mother Angela Gillespie was born. She was a sister of the Holy Cross who along with three other sisters became the first nurses on a captured southern hospital ship “The Red Rover.” Originally it was a barracks for Confederate soldiers but was seized by the Union army and turned into a hospital ship during the Civil War. The nuns became the first unofficial members of the Navy Nurse Corps.  Before she landed on the ship Mother Angela tended wounded soldiers on both sides during the War between the States. There was a human need and she filled it regardless of politics. Mmmmm…there’s a lesson to be learned here methinks.

Speaking of Red Rover, the reading for today, the Thursday of the 1st Week in Lent comes from good ole Matthew:

Which one of you would hand his son a stone
when he asked for a loaf of bread,
or a snake when he asked for a fish? (Mt 7)

This is one of those self-evident answerable questions. You know the ones you can answer with “duh?” Unless you are an absolute creep, you would not feed your boy a rock when he is hungry. No, wait, hey that’s what’s going on in Washington these days with the hand wringing over the Sequester nonsense. Finger pointing should end and positive action should take place. It’s time to take down the rock and replace it com pan with bread. (companions) Come on Congress are you really that stupid? Take your lumps and care about the children of this democracy for a change. Meanwhile, if you are still holding that rock, give it to Fox News, I believe they’ll think it is actually bread.

and so it goes…