Lucy Lights
Lucy Lights

Delightful happenings as we head straight for the end of the world,the end of time and the end of Dexter. Are you ready, Eddy? One of my ESL students told me today that his presentation to the class will be discussing the probability of the earth getting hit with a giant meteor. Happy thought I told him. Of course with my luck, the day the big meteor hits the planet is the same day I win the lottery. There is no justice I say, no justice. Do you have days of bad luck? I’m not sure if it is just karma or that the universe really hates me. Remember the parody song from the ’60’s Deteriorata!?” That is how some of my days are. “And whether you can hear it or not The universe is laughing behind your back.” I know that this is extreme, but you must have felt like this sometime in your life, maybe today. I do the carpé diem thing because, as I mentioned in an earlier writing I am always surprised to wake up in the morning. But sometimes when I try and carpé I get taken-. Maybe it’s the Chinese year I was born under, or not. I was born under the sign of the Dog.  Sometimes I believe that decisions I make today may have an effect on the stuff I do tomorrow. At my age it is common to look back on ones life and think about the choices made with some pain involved, but then that does nothing for living a good even great life today. All of my “should ifs” and “ought to ifs” really don’t get me off my ass to do something now, today. So what’s the point I’m trying to make, you are asking. No point really, I am what I am today because of some choices I made a long time ago and that’s it. Time to take of now business. I cannot change history, it is what it is and I am dealing with it while trying to live today. Speaking of profound insights and “lights”…

Fun fact for today– Today is that it’s the feast of St. Lucy. Now we don’t know a lot about Lucy, surprise surprise, but what we do know is that she was killed around the 4th century BCE. Tradition tells us that around the time of Diocletian and his persecution a suitor of Lucy turned her in for being a Christian. I guess he had the hots for her and was miffed that she rebuffed him. She had given most of her dowry for marriage to the poor. She was in an arranged marriage and, well, I guess she didn’t like the young man. So she was denounced. That is about the sum total of our facts on Lucy. Just so you know.

The reading for today comes from Matthew (Mt 11:11-15)

Jesus said to the crowds:
“Amen, I say to you,
among those born of women
there has been none greater than John the Baptist;

John, Jesus’ cousin (or as my French students say “coo-zin”) was a guy who didn’t care if his message was falling on deaf or violent ears. John represents the type of folks who stand up for the truth even though they are rejected or even killed. All the great die young it is said and so too with John. What a compelling character he was. He stood up to scholars and kings with his message of truth. He didn’t check the polls to see if his message was resonating. He didn’t adjust his message to tone it down any. He ruffled feathers all over the place and became a danger to the status quo. That is what truth does. It bothers people. “We will not be dictated to by fact checkers” remember that? In the last election cycle, truth was dealt a crippling, but not a deadly blow. Candidates were outright lying in our faces as if we were too stupid to check and find out if what they’d said was really true. We did check and the rest is history. We need a John the Baptist to stir our hearts for the good, to stir our hearts for seeking the truth. Sometimes it is really hard to find the truth in all the chatter around us. Hey, I have an idea, to get rid of some of that useless chatter…turn off Fox News. Now, there’s a thought!

and so it goes…