Ok, what’s for lunch

It’s guestimated that billions may have been spent on this election. That amount is not only staggering, it’s obscene. And what did the money buy? A whole bunch of nothin’. If you want to know who really benefitted look at the balance sheet of your local TV stations and newspapers. Maybe that is an upside. Now these stations can get new weather doppler radar and other gizmos to dazzle the locals.

Now back to the news…Hey Nate Silver was right because he used math instead of ideology and worked the numbers to their logical conclusions…a +90% chance of winning for Obama. He was right, and Dick Morris et al were wrong wrong wrong. Why? Because they did not want to believe it. If you saw the humiliating melt-down on Fox after Ohio was called you know what I mean. It was sad. Yes I know Rove had a gazzillion bazzilion dollars riding on electing Romney and how he promised he would get elected, but when confronted with the truth he just couldn’t accept it. The Election of Obama in 2008 was not a fluke. The election of Obama in 2012 is not a fluke. He is the President.

To the Republicans who really want to play the game of election politics, meet some people of color and make them your friends. Your old white people will be gone soon, so make friends with younger people is a nice, not creepy, way. The cliche slogan of the Obama campaign was “Forward” and kinda ho-hum that may be it it waaaay better than “backward.”

so it goes…