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Have you ever donated to the Obama campaign? I have and they know exactly how much I have donated…since 2008! How do I know that? I get at least 10 emails a day from either the Presidential race or races in other states asking for my money. As much as I am going to vote again for this president next Tuesday, I will be equally as glad to stop having my in-box fill up with donation requests. I do support the efforts of other like minded candidates to hit me up. We need to root out the self-interested and borderline crazies in Congress this time around. Nice to see that many voters in WI, OH,FL and MO agree with me. The Tea Party was fun in the beginning with their tri-cornered hats and outfits but we know now that they cannot govern even if their “Don’t Tread On Me” flags depended on it.

Nah I would have said it was fun while it lasted but it wasn’t fun and it lasted way too long. Their “I represent American exceptionalism and you don’t” approach has bogged down our flawed system of government. It no longer functions for all the people but only for the select few. I wonder if the Tea Party actually knows that they have been “played” by big money. I hope they see the joke. It’s so sad when everyone else sees the joke and the people on whom the joke was played don’t. This time, though the joke isn’t funny. Time to save our democracy! You up for it?

Speaking of jokes…here is part of a transcript from the O’Reilly Factor from last night. O’Reilly was talking about the amount of money needed to rebuild the East Coast after Sandy. Believe it or not O’Reilly is being a realist and grown-up and Stossel is being a hard nosed petulant dick about FEMA and re-building. I guess if your road needs repair, according to Stossel, you should go out and rent a bulldozer to fix it.

O’REILLY: But you are paying more than you would to a private company if you have to buy FEMA insurance, the government insurance. I had to do it a couple of times and I know.

So now you have a lot of rebuilding. President Obama is out there with Chris Christie and they are best friends now. And they are sharing ice cream cones. And — and — but the government has an obligation, I think to rebuild New Orleans and Katrina and to rebuild New Jersey, do they not?

STOSSEL: They do not. They have an obligation to get out of the way so you can rebuild if you want and provide roads and infrastructure.

O’REILLY: Who is going to do that though?

STOSSEL: Free people who choose to do that.

O’REILLY: So a storm or an earthquake or a tornado rips apart a town and you say the government shouldn’t help out at all?

STOSSEL: The government should keep the peace, make sure there is no looting.

O’REILLY: But no rebuilding money at all?


O’REILLY: Well, who is going to rebuild it then, who’s going to do that?

STOSSEL: Free private individuals who have the money, who bought private insurance, who want to take the risk.

O’REILLY: You know, I mean, if there is a lot of different circumstances of people who rent, people who do this you say no relief at all?

STOSSEL: No, no relief at all. Charities do it better. FEMA is incompetent. FEMA —

O’REILLY: But New Orleans might not — might not exist today under your — it might not be there.

STOSSEL: So be it.

So as Tuesday rolls around and the emails keep coming and the Eastern Seaboard digs out and plugs into electricity again, remember that according to Stossel, you are on your own. Sound familiar? Romney…Romney….Ryan…Ryan….Rand…Rand…Bueller, Bueller…
and so it goes….

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