One of the anthems of the Romney campaign (at least up to Megastorm Sandy) was/is to privatize FEMA or turn over to the states to manage their own disasters. Today, of course, Romney refuses to answer the question if he would still disband FEMA. “Big Government” the bastard of right leaning Hesychasts (read Fox-only viewers)everywhere must think the same way…until a disaster hits their community. The latest convert to a big government approach to disaster recovery is Chris Christie of New Jersey, a blue state that will be even bluer next Tuesday. He had nothing but praise for Obama and his pre-emtive strike approach to helping that state. As he said, “the [administration] has been wonderful…excellent”  in their pre-handling of the potential destruction following this storm. The reason I mention this is simply to remind people that we hate government until we need it.

Cash-strapped states are in no position to handle major natural disasters. There is no slush fund to handle catastrophic occurrences and Christie is wise to note that. Meanwhile, the notion of “we’ll save money” by cutting and gutting FEMA is ridiculous and way short-sighted. It is also dangerous. Do we want penny-pinchers who tell you, “you’re on your own” running our government? Yes there is much waste that needs to be addressed, the Pentagon for one, but blanket statements without much thought is like spitting in the wind. I know the American people know better than that and those on the East Coast of this great nation know better than most.

and so it goes…