Let’s see, who am I talking to and what do they want to hear?

It’s the home stretch in this horsey-race for President of all the people of the United States. The stakes are high. We need someone who stands for something. Someone with integrity who actually stands for something no matter what group he is standing in front of. Maybe we need someone who can be truthful when confronted with lies and even acknowledge the truth. What we don’t need is someone who is made up of so many spare parts that we do not know who he is.  No surprise that this writer is voting for Obama, again. Once, a long time ago in a galaxy far far away (LA) I was sucked into Dick Nixon’s fib about getting us out of VietNam after he was re-elected. I voted for him against my better instincts and voted against George McGovern. Well you know the history. The “plan” never materialized after the election of ’72. I had been duped (as well as a few of my fellow Americans). But karma has a way of biting one on the ass because 2 short years later, Gerald Ford took over as president for a disgraced Nixon. But by then I had already squandered my vote. Never again.

To the great low-information voters out there that rely on Fox for their thoughts, change the channel find out if your candidate is telling you the truth. No the Ryan budget will not reduce the deficit. No medicaid will not be preserved. No, the states cannot handle a natural disaster like the one hitting the East coast. No, Jeep is not sending U.S. jobs over seas.

Romney visited Defiance, Ohio and told voters that he recently read that “Jeep is planning to move all of its production overseas.” (A careful and unbiased reading of the Bloomberg take would have saved unnecessary fantasies and extravagant comments.) Jeep is considering (word is “considering”) opening a plant in China for the China market. When confronted with the factual error the Romney campaign produces an ad which continues the lies. In late September, Romney told a CNN reporter that his campaign corrects or removes inaccurate facts. I guess when it is convenient to do so. Evidently it has not been convenient. Their notion of “bending the truth” to fit a narrative is what my mom would call “lying.”

So…long story short, I think speaking the truth is an asset in a Presidential horsey race don’t you think? To readers who don’t know the story, find out. Fox ain’t going to tell ya, they have too much riding on this.

and so it goes…