I think I musta missed somethin’

a snoozer

Dutifully I turned on MSNBC for the first presidential debate this evening (FOX doesn’t work on my side of the street) and found a less than “presidential” exchange. Yes, yes Obama had more minutes than Romney (by a few) but I was wondering if the POTUS was napping when Mitt was speaking because he kept looking down. I think there was a moderator of sorts and Mitt took over when it was his turn and ran with it. I saw a lot of passion on Romney’s part with his “Point 1, point2…”response to the questions. He was well rehearsed and it showed. The President on the other hand, although more folksy  especially when looking directly at the camera when he wanted to make a point didn’t go after some of Mitt’s statements of “fact.” Take, for example his denial that his tax-cut would not add up to 5 trillion dollars (with a “t”) when in fact the budget that is now tied to him thanks to Paul Ryan suggests a 20% tax cut across the board…which if you do the math adds up to, mmm, let’s see…5 trillion dollars. No specifics as usual but that is to be expected from “Trust Me” Romney. Remember “repeal and replace” from a few months ago? Same deal. Sounds good as a sound bite but doesn’t play well in actuality. Where are the details because the majority of Americans actually like Obamnacare.

How many times did we hear 716 billion cut from Medicare? 20 times from Romney? This, he says was what the President will cut from that social program. Obama should have gone after him with the Ryan budget which proposes the same thing. And the old “death panels” argument came back under the guise of an “unelected board” determining what kind of health care Americans could get. I had thought this old argument went the way of the “birther” issue…no wait…the birthers are still around aren’t they. (Donald Trump was mentioned twice to remind us). I was going to say that everyone knows that the “death panel” argument to suggest that health care will be taken over by the government simply is not true and Romney should know better…

Then no talk of the 47% (elderly, soldiers, those below the poverty level etc) and no talk of Romney’s jobs record in Massachusetts or even his time at Bain. No, all in all Romney was prepared and fired up and the President looked tired and withdrawn. Not his best performance. He gave us lots of numbers (maybe too many) but no passion from him. OK, well the Ryan Biden debate is next week, hopefully that one will have a few more “zingers” because tonight I wasn’t “zinged.”

and so it goes….

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