Flowers for the wedding

Portland-NE. Overcast day and a bit on the chilly side. According to the forecast at the beginning of the week, Saturday was supposed to be in the high 70’s low 80’s with little or no clouds. Today however, that’s all changed so that “Plan B” will be in the ready for Saturday afternoon if needed. (Plan ‘b’= to go inside the barn for the wedding of the decade) That’s fine, I know it will all work out.

We hit the deck running this morning with a whirl wind of errands to run and a house to clean and Sean working on his desserts. Our first out-of-towner arrived early this afternoon from Alaska to be the maid of honor. We have known Brianna since we moved to Pacifica over 20 years ago. She is the perfect choice for the ceremony and for staying in Sarah and Andy’s house of controlled chaos. She is so calm. She had been living in a tree house in Alaska and will be moving soon to live on a boat, so any craziness around here will seem rather tame in comparison I would think.

After I cleaned stuff Sean had me do several runs to Safeway for just the right ingredients for his desserts. I know they’ll be great. His lemon bars are so good I had to fight myself from snagging a couple while his back was turned. I was a good boy.  If you need some baked goods for your next party contact him.  By the time the girls got back from dropping off the welcome gifts to the various hotels I had cleaned a few rooms and was ready to veg for a while.

This evening we went over to Andy’s parents home on the outskirts of Portland near Gresham to decorate the mason jars for the flowers on the tables. I didn’t know it was an “arts and crafts” thing but at least I didn’t embarrass myself…too much. And…I got a home cooked fajita out of it…mmmm… I work for food.

Tonite more folks come in from out of state. The grand kids are checking into a hotel in Clackamas and my brother should be arriving late tomorrow night. He’s the conservative one of the family. Between him being a staunch Republican and my daughter liking the Oakland “A’s” I wonder where we went wrong as a family. Go Giants!

Totally full day of stuff. Now it’s time to relax for a moment before tomorrow gears up for the rehearsal dinner and bar-b-q at Pendarvis Farm at 5 p.m..I’m not sure if I’ll camp out there at the farm or stay at a hotel Friday night. I did the camping thing out there in the trees before a year ago last August for the “Pick-a-thon” music festival. It was hippie-cool. But that was then (and it was warmer) and this is now…more later

and so it goes…