Wednesday- The Week of the Wedding

Claddagh Ribbons for the ceremony

Portland-NE. Yes I know I published two blogs on the same day. It was just too late last night to publish on Tuesday so I wrote Tuesday on Wednesday. If you know me, that would be the normal thing in my life. Today was more errands and more shopping for stuff. I realized last night when we were sitting outside in the backyard enjoying the warm Portland evening that we didn’t have lights for the tent where the dinner will be served. I am surprised that no one thought of it. It seems when the sun goes down it gets dark. When it is dark you can’t see anyone across the table from you, which may or may not be a good thing depending with whom you sit I suppose. So that item was added to the list.

I went out to Union bank to have a check cut for the food, tent, waiters and appetizers for the affair. Felt better about that because I know the food will be great having sampled much of it at the pub where it all comes from. In talking with the owner of NEPO 42, Matt, we chatted about where the food would be served and how to organize the bar. In passing I asked him how he got from Michigan to Portland and the running of his little pub. (His wife is from Oregon) He used to have a great cook for the meals he serves and I forgot that his ace cook had jumped ship and went to work for Sarah at Laurelwood Southeast. Small world after all. He didn’t seem upset although his cook was great (past tense). We all sort of laughed…sort of.

The rest of the day was finding little goodie bags to give to the out of towners in their hotel rooms when they arrive. We settled on green bags from the Oregon Store that say “Oregon” on them packed with maps of fun things to do in Portland, a bottle of Laurelwood beer, a bumper sticker that says “I love Portland” some Laurelwood coasters and postcards. We were sparing no expense. We would have put bags of the state nut, Hazelnut, in the bags but, come on, how much does it cost to deliver hazelnuts from across the street? They were way expensive. I looked around to see if they had only one nut for sale, but the teeniest tiny-est bag was 4 bucks. So let them eat cake.

At this writing, Sean is busy in the kitchen working on creating his chocolate cheese cake. The whole house smells of chocolate and butter. I gained three pounds just by breathing.

Tomorrow the pace will pick up again with new stuff to do before the rehearsal and dinner on Friday evening out at Pendarvis farm. A few surprises and a few not so surprises.

and so it goes…

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