Tuesday- The Week of the Wedding

Studly Sean

Portland-NE. Up late because I was more sleepy than usual. Usually I am up at 6 am no matter when I go to bed, but today I was in a coma. Lots of things to do today, errands to run and people to see.

After I did a donut run to “Annies” on Sandy to appease the hungry hoards at Sarah and Andy’s house Kathy and I were off to the “Grotto” for some quiet prayer and reflection time. This place on the way to the Portland Airport and is an oasis in the middle of rush-rush. Being old-school as I am, I really like it. Lots of trees, quiet Gregorian chant music playing softly in the background, flowers and of course the niche in the rock wall that makes a grotto.

Of then, to Fred Meyer. Sarah didn’t go with us because she needed to open the restaurant so it was Sean, Kathy and me. I needed black pants for the “wedding of the decade” and Kathy needed to pick up her ring and Claddagh necklace which I had dropped off the last time I was up here. Finding Fred was a challenge. I don’t know that part of the city very well. Sean said he would get us a GPS for Christmas. I can usually find things, but it takes time. Just think if Lewis and Clark had a GPS, they would have made it to the Pacific coast a lot faster, but not as fun as with Sacagawea, although they weren’t looking for Fred Meyer.  Found it and got the stuff then moved on to the Lloyd Center for a rendezvous at the “Mens Warehouse.” Sean needed to pick up his pants and shirt for the ceremony. His pants were a little too long so an alteration was in order. He looked great (check out the picture).

A bite to eat at the food court then to the movies to watch the new Batman movie. Sean had already seen it back in July but was willing to take us anyway. Pretty good movie. Bane sounded a little like Sean Connery. I still have a problem with Bale’s voice as Batman. I’m sure other people have a problem with it too. Good way to end our shopping adventure.

As the time of the wedding draws closer, Sarah and I met with the caterer to discuss the price of the food and what not. The price was a

The Grotto

little more than I was expecting but we worked out a plan. It will all work out. Thank goodness I still have a retirement fund I can draw on. This was really the last “unknown” I had to deal with and with this out of the way we can move on. It still seems unreal that my daughter is getting married.

Back home we hung out in the backyard trying to put the jigsaw puzzles together that will be on the tables. The four separate puzzles are photographs of places where the story of Sarah and Andy take place, first date, favorite place and so forth. Well that’s Tuesday (written on Wednesday morning).

and so it goes… 

A little song, a little dance, a little coffee down your pants... 40 years in the high school classroom and now on my own. A chance to think about stuff and how it affects everyone, not just me. Now residing in Oregon volunteering for a refugee organization.

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