I don’t know what to say to those folks who buy into the Romney campaign. Yes I understand that some of them hate Obama so much because he’s “not one of us” and they need to elect anybody including Romney/Ryan…Bueller? Bueller??? But if elected, Romney will be my president as well. (Highly unlikely) Can’t we think about the children? No one thinks about the children!!

Latest untruths: We apologized to Islamic protestors,”Obama will raise taxes on the middle class”, the work requirement is out of the welfare program, and of course, the “you didn’t build it” snippet (A Reader’s digest version of a longer quote) I’m sorry that people actually believe this. I know it is easier to do this than digging around for the truth. These, folks, are lies. Romney is a liar, not in the political stretching the truth lie, no, real lies.

With his inartful statement was uttered earlier this week about Egypt, he indirectly was attacking the Egyptian embassy before the embassy was physically attacked. And as today unfolded, we were told by right wing radio, that the Marines in Egypt had no live ammunition in their weapons. Another lie. If you remember back when Marines did not have ammunition it was in Lebanon when the barracks was blown up in 1983 killing 299 American and French forces…then we pulled out. Oh, yeah, it happened under the watch of Ron Reagan.

On my way to visit my daughter I passed by a sign on I-5 which read “Wake up America!” and I just thought it was another Tea Party/Libertarian rant, but the more I think about it, it is a great reminder for all of us Americans. Wake up! Follow the lies, read the record! If you want to see a great American revival then it’s time to move “Forward.”

…and so it goes…