Mmmm….a foot

I’m not sure if Romney is really, really ready for the job as “Commander-in-Chief” let alone any job. Oh that’s right, he’s unemployed at the moment and after November, he will still be unemployed. But I keep asking myself, “Is this the best the once Grand Old Party has to offer?” What has happened? The latest mis-step-foot-in-mouth-unengaged-brain fart to come out of his mouth was jumping to the conclusion (before the conclusion played out) that the President was apologizing to the Egyptian rioters after they breached the walls of our Embassy in Cairo. It was actually 6 hours later when they did that. But, I guess in Romney’s mind what’s six hours when you can jump on a not-yet event and make hay. Yes, he had to say something to sound like he knew what he was talking about. Yet, I’ve heard, that taking a breath before you open your mouth and blather nonsense doesn’t take much time in the short run and can save one from embarrassment in the long run. (Yes I know, Sarah Palin didn’t take time to breathe)

This goes to the core of Romney’s message(s)…incoherence. What is Romney’s message? He or Ryan make statements, then do walk backs, then no statements then “don’t ask me about abortion” or “Bain is off-limits” or “They’ll (the Dems) will make fun of me if I release more tax returns” leaving us to wonder what his position on stuff actually is? What if anything is he going to do about tax reform? Wait ’til after the election. What about cutting the defense budget and then adding to the defense budget? Ask me after the election. This reminds me of Richard Nixon’s secret plan to end the Vietnam war of long ago. He never revealed his secret plan because it was a secret. And, more importantly, he never told us after the election either. So being a little gun shy about what a guy will do as President when he won’t tell us what he will do, kinda makes a thinking man like myself wonder if he is really really ready for the spotlight of governance.  oh yeah, as for foreign policy?….Nah, I’ll stick with who we got.

and so it goes…