The Choice is Obvious

Bubba rules

With the rise of right wing radio which now dominates the airwaves (93%) and the success of Fox News which dominates the cable news, it’s hard not to be afraid these days. The comments by Walker, the Texas Ranger guy, that he believes voting for the democrats, specifically Barack Obama will plunge the U.S. into a thousand year darkness helps to feed that fear. It’s hard to believe that one black man who happens to be president has that much power. Oh wait…yes that’s it!! He’s black AND a democrat! I actually feel sorry for the folks that are glued to Fox and their radios and eat this crap up. Where is the joy? Where is the hope? Where is the future? Sorry folks, they say, there ain’t any.  Only going backwards and dismantling every thing Democratic, will make it good again. The strange universe of the right wing machine has created dark clouds on every horizon. Everywhere you look, there is doom and gloom. They throw back sarcastically the words of Obama’s vintage ’08 message of “Hope and Change.” Last night Obama didn’t run from those words he threw them back at the right with conviction and a deep belief that Hope and Change are not only possible but active.

What has happened to the Grand Old Republican Party? Remember not so long ago it was National Security and our men and women in uniform which were the hallmarks of the Republican Party? They even usurped patriotism and called it their own. All that is gone now. They harken back to Mayberry as the real America. They say that those were the good days of this country. But any doofus can Google what was actually happening in this country while that show ran on TV. Really, Republicans? I mean, really?? Now the focus is on denying access to a woman’s reproductive health services and denouncing gays as destroyers of this democracy and now the specter of a 1000 years of darkness threat. What ever happened to the “jobs” mantra that got them elected in 2010? Why have they become angry and so fearful and so irrational? Everyone knows that when one is afraid all the time, one cannot make good decisions. Where is the GOP vision of an Interstate Highway system or an ERA (Equal Rights Amendment), ending segregation, revenue sharing, ending the draft, new anti crime laws, or starting a process of ending the Cold War, the recognition of and fighting against foreign oil price gouging, and implementation of a broad environmental program like the EPA. Why the focus on restricting voting rights? On access to affordable health care?

If the so-called meeting held on Obama’s inauguration day to plan to make Obama a one-term President is any indication of their willingness to work for the good of the country maybe they are the one’s bringing the 1000 years of darkness. It is a party of no-responsibility. It is a party of finger pointing and blaming someone else for the ills of the nation. President Clinton said it best about the Republicans attitude about President Obama “We left him a total mess. He hasn’t cleaned it up fast enough, so fire him and put us back in.” That about sums it up, obstructionism first, country second. “We want to be re-elected”… at any cost. Oh, by the way, did you like George Bush’s speech, or Dick Cheney’s speech or Sarah Palin’s speech? Yeah, I missed them also. And the war in Afghanistan? What war?

Obama has the audacity of hope to think that we Americans are all in this together and I kind of believe that audacity. The “you are on your own” just doesn’t feel right. Union means together, individuals working together for a more “perfect union.” Nah, the choice is clear.

and so it goes…

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