Ohio sees the light


I know it’s only August and a lot can happen between now and the end of the Olympics (you choose which Olympics). It’s great news to hear that the fine people of Ohio realize that putting their vote behind President Obama is betting on the future, not the past. There is so much anger out there, mostly from right-wing zealots who have lost perspective of what this country is about and what is it’s future. They are so hard pressed to win by any means possible, e.g. voter suppression through new voter “I.D.” laws, that they seem to have forgotten that we are all in this together. Democracy is a very messy proposition, but not an impossible one. I will grant you that trying to converse with someone who is boxed into the seemingly righteous cause of their beliefs is difficult,  but it is not impossible. It just takes patience and hard work.

Used to be that one side would wrap themselves in the flag and be true “patriots” whatever that means. But lapel pins and miniature American flags do not a patriot make. It just looks good and makes for a great photo-op…you know, colors and all. Some even play dress-up and pretend they are real American revolutionaries come to save the day, even carrying semi-automatic weapons just like the revolutionary soldiers did so long ago. This trick is really no treat. No candy for you. Aside from the visuals, what do they have to offer an America that is hurting? Mostly platitudes and remembrances of the  “good old days” which in reality were just “old”. (BTW, where are the jobs Mr. Boehner?)

Slowly, but surely, like the folks in Ohio, people are beginning to see the light and that light shines forward, not backward. True we need a foot in the past and a foot in the future to stand in the present, but some folks have both feet in the past and have their back to the future. But some, however are beginning to speak out. Wunderkind Jonathan Krohn, the youngster that wowed the crowd at CPAC when he was 13 years old with a rambling speech that touted the new conservatism. That was then and this is now. Recently he spoke to Salon  about his shift from ultra- conservative to human being.

I shouldn’t be too surprised. Political divisiveness in America today is a childish thing anyway. The never-ending war between the left and the right seems to me like a couple of drunken college boys fighting over which one of their fraternities is cooler. Think about it: Once you join a side, you have to obey the house rules, go to all the parties, and defend your status as a member of the greatest club on campus. And this is what drove me away from conservatism to my admittedly center-left position of independent mindedness (if that’s a thing). – Jonathan Krohn.

Then there is Freshman Republican Rep. Richard Hanna (N.Y.) who compared the parties in Congress to sports teams only interested in “winning,” and this week credited Democrats in Congress with having “less anger” than Republicans toward the other side.

He goes on to say:

“We render ourselves incapable of governing when all we do is take severe sides,” he said. “I have to say that I’m frustrated by how much we — I mean the Republican Party — are willing to give deferential treatment to our extremes in this moment in history.” – Richard Hannah

That about sums it up in a nutshell. The haranguing and “frat” baiting in Congress (and on the TV machine) will continue I suppose, but like most anger-induced tirades, it will, in time, become less and less tirad-y. Why? Because being angry all of the time takes a tremendous amount of energy, energy that could be used for something useful, like, I don’t know, living maybe?

and so it goes…

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