An Aurora

Aurora and Really Stupid People

An Aurora
An Aurora

For the most part, we try and make sense out of events that may tragically affect our lives. We seek answers so we can say, “Oh, now I understand. It makes sense.” and continue, “Now, what’s for dinner…” It’s as if we can actually  find a satisfying answer to tragedies and then move on with our lives. It gives us the ownership of knowledge but none of the collective responsibility that goes along with it. It is akin to the healthcare debate. Folks rile at the prospect of contributing into a system that may help themselves as well as helping those who cannot help themselves. hearing story after story of people being denied medical treatment because of pre-existing conditions may bother us, but there  doesn’t seen to be a collective responsibility to do something about it. We say, “Oh that’s so sad, but it doesn’t affect me.” Well, in affect it does concern us, as a nation. So too with the shootings in Aurora or ___________(place the name of the city/venue of a shooting here). Step one: Make sense of it. Step two: Say “Oh yeah. I get it.”  Step three: Blame something or someone and then move on…until the next time when we can start this all over again.

Lately I’ve been reading this and that response (or what passes for ‘thoughtful’ analysis) to the shootings in Aurora, Colorado  and I have come to the obvious conclusion that some people are really really stupid and should be banned not only from speaking, but from thinking as well. (Although the latter is always in question)  Case in point, the recent remarks by

James Taranto,  a WSJ Editor who tweeted about the three young men who shielded their girlfriends from the gunman in the theater,  “I hope the girls whose boyfriends died to save them were worthy of the sacrifice.” James, think before you tweet.

Bryan Fischer linked the massacre to “the liberals’ way” of teaching the theory of evolution and preventing prayer in schools. He supposes God’s wrath is the cause of all this. God is pissed at the “liberals” for forcing Americans to think for themselves. (more on this tomorrow)

Joe Scarborough’s stupid comments about the suspected Colorado shooter being “on the autism scale” So now we know the shooter was not like us…now I understand. Thanks Joe.

On Saturday, Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) apologized for offending anyone with his controversial suggestion that the Aurora, Colo., shootings were the result of “ongoing attacks on Judeo-Christian beliefs,” and stressed that his remarks were “grossly taken out of context.” Not really Louie…you also wondered why no one fought back, maybe gun for gun. I wonder how that would have gone down?

Then there was Brian Ross of ABC who made the statement that the shooter was a member of a local Tea Party. As much as I dislike the fundamentalism of the Tea Party, this unsubstantiated statement was way over the line.

I am probably missing someone with this list, but you get the general idea. If Michele Bachmann wasn’t laying low after her ridiculous Muslim Brotherhood fiasco (along with Louie Gohmert) she probably would have said something as equally as stupid and offensive as the above folks. Being stupid and offensive is something she is very good at being.

We are warned not to politicize the incident and not talk about gun control. But the whole incident touches on politics, from the gun laws in Colorado and the country to the police and firemen who were first  responders, to the mayor of Aurora it all involves politics.
Just remember guns don’t kill people, people kill people, with guns. Peace and prayers to the people of Aurora and others victimized by gun violence.

and so it goes…

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