Rock and Roll

Long day in the recording studio which happened to be an 11th century church in Tolosa. (Breakfast at the hotel this morning was outstanding if you are keeping tab on such things). The Church was Iglesia de Santa Maria and it’s a gem. Gabe even said so, and he knows stuff like this. We had the entire church to ourselves for about 5 hours to record songs for the CD.

In the morning some German tourists showed up to listen to us because their bus driver had told them that a group from California was going to put on a concert. Well it wasn’t really a concert but a recordings session with it’s stops and starts and down time while all sorts of electronic stuff is positioned to capture the best sound. So they decided to leave after about a half hour. We ran into them again this afternoon in Loyola. If you have seen either a movie being made or a band engaged in recording, you know that it can, and most often is, a tedious operation. So too this morning at the church. The kids did not show any tiredness or boredom and did quite splendidly.

We broke about noon for lunch in the town and when the kids returned for the afternoon session,Chad gave them a little nudge here and there and wowsers, something kicked in and the kids rocked. They literally rocked, back and forth, front and back left foot to right foot and vice versa all to the music. They were in constant motion and the sound produced was very very cool.

On to Loyola

Over the mountains and through the woods to Loyola’s house we go. (Like you were expecting “War and Peace”?) We arrived in the early afternoon to Azpeitia and Loyola and my favorite hotel the Loiola…yes that’s how it is spelled. After settling things up with the Superior of the Jesuit Community at the Sanctuary of Loyola for tomorrow evenings Mass celebration, it was time for grub at the hotel. Your three basics: a great salad followed by chicken and fries and ending with flan and ice-cream. Mmmmmm…Betty. Then it was off to explore the town of Azpeitia before turning in for the night. Outside of the recording session and the journey over the mountains on roads not much wider than this paragraph…in a bus…there are a few newsy items. On the sad/happy news front Leah left her teddy bear at the hotel in Tolosa. They called and informed her that they would get it to Hotel Loiola by messenger. On the good news front, Bray was allowed to play the organ at Santa Maria. We all sat on the altar steps and listened and gave him a thundering applause.. Very nice.

Enough…tomorrow is a little hectic, but do-able, after all it is the beach…more later…

and so we sing…