Spider Person

Not much to write about tonight. It was a long bus trip from Paris to Bordeaux. Jorge was very nice and let us take pee breaks as well as stop for lunch.  Personally, I needed that, being old and stuff…TMI

We stopped at a little chateau in Chambord begun by King Francis I of France (naturally). It was hard to figure out if it was a medieval castle or a Renaissance castle or a combination of the two. It is quite striking and massive. The king died before it’s completion. This happened  to the king during the building of Versailles as well, and to the builders of Notre Dame and so on. NEW RULE! If you think you can’t complete a castle or church before you die don’t start!

That was a nice diversion and treat to see how they (the royality…hint hint) used to live. We ate at  roadside cafe off the motor way and it was wonderful. (Can you see that not much happened today?) There are some interesting pictures of our kids in a fountain near the river along Bordeaux’s main drag.

We did a lot of singing today however, on the waiting platform for the street car, on the street car, walking through Bordeaux in the late evening, and in the town square. It’s quite a town I hope all the people enjoyed our little gift. Some actually come up to us and asked where we were from and so on. Very sweet.

Tomorrow we leave France and move to Spain.
and so we sing…