Day 1 – S.I. Choir Tour – Venice and Verona

In Verona

(13-14 June- Venice and Verona) Why is it that the last two hours on an 11 hour flight are always the hardest to find a comfortable position so you can snooze? The poor guy next to me on the behemoth A 380-800 Airbus had his video changed from time to time by my right elbow hitting his TV buttons. He was nice, though and didn’t hit me. Actually I was able to watch a few movies of my own to pass the time. Smooth sailing except for a few bumps in the clouds. Every time a bump would happen some of the girls blamed it on Gwen. I bumped the guy in front of me a number of times. Seems when anyone has to get up to go to the bathroom one pulls on the seat in front of them to get out into the aisle. Maybe that’s what they meant, I don’t know. I was somewhere in the middle of the Lufthansa jet. Some of the neat things they have on these jets are cameras placed on the tail, under the plane and another place I could figure out because nothing happened. So, if you want you can watch take-offs, landings, the ground in real times. Very cool. I watched the tail camera which faced forward while flying through the clouds. I am easily entertained. Well it’s better than watching that teeny-tiny plane on the map. It really doesn’t move while you’re watching it kinda like watching water boil on the stove.

Enough about planes and cameras, we arrived in Frankfurt in the early morning then hoofed it toward our connecting flight to Marco Polo Airport in Venice.  The flight was less than a hour and we saw the Alps. We also saw all of Venice when we were landing. We met out guide Andreas, a German guy and he showed us on the bus. We were off to Verona a 2000 year old city with 2000 year old streets. The kids were knackered as was I, but they laughed, played cards or quietly chatted on our way. Andreas was explaining some of the historical background of waring families  as a lead up to Romeo and Juliet, the love story in the middle of a family feud. We saw Juliet’s “balcony” and all of the names of lovers who wrote their names on the walls…so romantic, I guess. We also saw a Roman Arena which is now used for rock concerts and opera performances, very cool.

On the way back to Venice and our hotel, most of the kids went to sleep. The bus trip was about an hour both ways. Dinner at the hotel was pasta, turkey and real live and home made tiramisu…mmmmm….tonite all the kids, and big kids will be in bed by 10p. I already checked my charges and they are out like lights. I am getting there as well.

Tomorrow is a big day with the Venice walk, a concert in a church then straight to the train station for an overnight trip to Paris…There may be a day delay in posting tomorrows activities until the next day because of a lack of  Wi-Fi.

and so we sing….

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