Home of the risk-takers

Today is national hug a soldier day. Surprise someone with a hug. Last day of a long weekend before the onslaught of summer takes us over. Meanwhile I continue to work part time as an ESL teacher straight through June, July and August. I am looking overseas to find a good fit to ply my English skills in the home country of some of my students. Syria? Iraq? During this long weekend I have been sending out resumes and pictures and what not hoping to get a bite before I leave for Italy, France and Spain with a high school choir as one of their guides. (I guess having some sense of direction would help.)

A lot has gone down in the last few weeks some of it good and some of it stupid around the states. Speaking of stupid, how come Mitt wants to hang with the vapid “The Donald” anyway? Is that good for his image? At least Trump is consistent…consistently boorish on the birther thing. I don’t see any advantage to having…no, wait…maybe he wants to be Romney’s V.P.! Whoa nelly! Now wouldn’t that be a ticket! Nah, Romney is too smart for that, isn’t he? So what’s the advantage? Maybe for fund raising or something. But Romney is fund raising from people who think like Trump. Oh well, a bucks a buck anywhere you can get it.

Did you see Alan Simpson on CNN? He was his usual tell-it-like-it-is self. He thought that the Republican strategy of no compromise was, in his words, “madness.” I tend to agree with him on this one. He’s one of the old original Republicans, you know, one of the pols who put the country first. Remember those days? On Sunday he railed against the purists like those who make stupid, myopic pledges to Grover (whoever he is). Simpson says that tactic really doesn’t work in the real world suggesting they (the purists) “go somewhere on a mountaintop and praise the east or something.” He went on to describe bluntly those who do not engage in political compromise, “Show me a guy who won’t compromise and I’ll show you a guy with rock for brains.” Mr. Trump? Table for two?

Cut, cut cut is the mantra of the non-compromisers. Most of it coming from  so-called deficit hawks who really want to cut taxes for the very wealthy and also cut aid to the poor and those on the ropes. Oh yeah, no touchy the defense department’s monies please. From what I have read, Mr. Ryan’s budget will increase our debt rather than lower it. Go figure. So much for the “safety net” Mitt was talking about when he said he “wasn’t concerned for the poor…just the middle class.” I guess that’s why he hangs with Trump. Anyway, revenue needs to go up with the cuts. Investing in America rather than that European Socialist austerity stuff, heh Greece (nudge, nudge)…

So another holiday to remember those who have given their lives on foreign shores so we could have no-compromise in the government. In the words of Simpson, “Show me a guy who won’t compromise and I’ll show you a guy with rock for brains.”

and so it goes…