I'm good at jobs

Remember all those high school movies where the “popular” kid always had his entourage around who rubber-stamped whatever he did. Remember? Later on in life they called those actions “hijinks.” When I think of hijinks I think of glue in the classroom keyhole or lighting a bag full of  dog-doo on fire at someone’s front door, ringing the doorbell and watching from a safe distance as the poor sod tries to put out the fire. Did I just reveal too much of my high school hijinks? Maybe that wasn’t hijinks in the usual definition of the term, but you get the idea. Holding a student down who has come to school with newly bleach-blond hair and cutting it off isn’t hijinks, it’s being a bully. Meanwhile your sycophants are cheering you on. They’re spineless bullies too. I believe Mitt when he says he didn’t know the kid was a closeted gay. (I am presuming the best in a not so nice situation)

Maybe it wasn’t hijinks, Mitt, maybe it was bullying. Seems this hair-cutting hijinks extended to companies that Bain took over, flipped and walked away with a tidy profit leaving workers to line-up for unemployment checks. Yes, yes I know, Bain is in the business of making money for investors. I get that. But is there a morality here? Or does capitalism trump morality for the bottom line. The phrase on their website (yes they are still in business) reads “Our business is making companies more valuable.” OK I get the picture. So if they aren’t valuable then I guess it’s OK to take the money out of them and then take the next train outta Dodge.

I don’t believe you Mitt and that’s sad. You can say one thing one place and another thing at another place, but in both places I just don’t believe you. You seem the quintessential punk who doesn’t seem to care for the bleach-blond worker (read average American). Your speech at Liberty University praised Christian superiority to a Christian superiority crowd. Where does that leave non-Christians? Are they also the bleached-blond “different” students you wanted to haze to make them like everyone else? By the way did you know there is a course at Liberty that looks at Mormonism as a cult? Right up there with the Jehovah Witnesses and the Occult? Yeah, there is. How come you didn’t address that small issue. I know why you went there but I wonder if Jerry Falwell if alive, would have invited you. Just saying’

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, there’s some ‘splainin’ you got to do. Are you a punk? Do you care about the kaleidoscope of people of this country of ours who don’t fit your mold? Do you care more about the idea of the solvency of this country than about personal freedoms? Sorry Mitt, this time I’m going to take Betty White’s side and vote for the other guy. He doesn’t seem like a punk.