It is, Monday in France and there’s a new sheriff in town and he’s a, wait for it…a socialist! Is there a Fox news in France? If so, they’d have imploded already. Remember Nicolas Sarkozy? He was President of France yesterday looking forward to getting elected for a second term. Do you know Francois Hollande? Didn’t think so, he’s the dude who will be the new president of France’s 5th Republic (Every time they write a new constitution, a new Republic is formed. I wonder what would happen if we re-wrote our own constitution). Anyway, come the 15th of May a socialist will assume the presidency of France. Here! Here! in my best muffled English accent.

Now what? Looks like the old adage of “cut the deficit, quit spending” philosophy may be on the ropes. An idea that for an economy to grow, we must be austere. This is an idea that has been accepted by a whole bunch of people but it seems to be having a second look-see. The economists I subscribe to seem to favor infusion of money rather than just cutting programs. I know it sounds a bit daft, but that is exactly how we started to move out of the great depression, by spending. The Paul Ryan budget is a knee jerk reaction to debt and the wobbly economy and pays homage to the idea that austerity works…well look at Ireland, it ain’t working. So now the Greeks and the French are saying to the rest of Europe, “There’s got to be a better way.” And there is. As Hollende said on election night,”Europe is watching us, austerity can no longer be the only option,” he said. It will be fun to watch from this side of the Atlantic. We, however have our work cut out for us that should not include cutting programs for the very poor. It is time to have the rich pay their fair share of taxes. They are not creating jobs, friends. To me, it is obvious. In Washington perhaps not so much. But it is very patriotic to have this discussion. Of course it also means turning off the loud mouth news machine.

Speaking of patriotism, today during a rally/town hall for Mitt Romney a woman got up and asked the candidate, “We have a president right now that is operating outside the structure of our Constitution,” the audience member said to applause. “And I want to know — yeah, I do agree he should be tried for treason — but I want to know what you would be able to do to restore balance between the three branches of government and what you are going to be able to do to restore our Constitution in this country.” DOH!

Romney didn’t correct the woman, choosing instead to address the question she posed. Opps…crickets…Remember when John McCain corrected a woman at a rally when she called Obama a Muslim and an Arab? Earth to Mitt??? Well, at least we know where the uninformed, history deficient electorate hangs out, Ohio. And while we are at it, since Ohio is making it harder for people to vote with all the new Republican (and anti-democratic) voting laws, they should add one more…really stupid people shouldn’t vote.

and so it goes… Vive la France!