Chirp, chirp

I’ve got nuthin’ against the Mittster. I believe his wife (in the thousand dollar T-Shirt with the bird thing on it) when she says he’s a “wild and crazy guy” inside. I believe he’s funny, prone to practical jokes and someone who can have a dinner party and be entertaining without the booze of course. But I’ve also been watching and listening to him on the trail talk about things in absolutes which shouldn’t be absolutes. “I will de-fund Plan Parenthood” was one of his sweeping statements. That is wild and crazy since many low income women depend on preventative health screening from this organization. Another hit is the statement President Barack Obama is “ending Medicare as we know it.” I’m really not sure if this is just crazy or wild because the background stuff isn’t true…not even close to true…closer to really really not true. Here’s another gem stone, asked about his economic plan, Romney said repeatedly that he was not concerned with very poor Americans, but was focused instead on helping the middle class. Romney explained that he was confident that food stamps, housing vouchers, Medicaid and other assistance would keep the poor afloat — he pledged to fix holes in that safety net “if it needs repair.” He repeated past statements that his main focus is the middle class because those people, in his opinion, have been hardest hit by the recession (President Obama also has focused many of his efforts on the middle class). Does the Ryan Budget do this I wonder? From what I have read is sure doesn’t sound like it.

If there ever was a candidate that should focus on the poor and marginalized its Willard Romney. Just read a history, or a brief history of the Mormons. They were (and in many circles still are) marginalized and driven from their homes in Nauvoo, Illinois to find refuge near the Great Salt Lake. And yet, I can’t help but wonder what exactly is his notion toward the poor. They really can’t wait. If the net is broken (and it is), can they hang on until Romney gets in office. Probably not. Here’s what happens when the Ryan Budget gets approved (with the blessing of Mr. Wild and Crazy) the House GOP budget Romney has endorsed enacts steep cuts in programs aimed at helping poor people. They want to reduce the budget for Medicaid which gives health care to poor people. But they also want to reduce spending on nutrition assistance to poor people and housing assistance to poor people. Indeed, every single program that helps poor people in the United States would face severe budget cuts under the Romney/Ryan budget. And judging by the Census Bureau’s statistics on the demographic composition of poor families, it turns out that the overwhelming majority of poor adults in the United States are women. And we must not forget that we need to keep the tax cuts for the very rich because they are the “job creators.” (Really??)

If you are a student of history, spending money rather than austerity plans and deep cuts are no way to get the economy moving again. The opposite is true. Check your history books folks, unless you live in Texas then you have to check your Bibles. At this writing, I don’t like what the Republicans are trying to do to this country; focusing on social issues is a tried and true Republican ploy and one that has worked in the past. I don’t think it’s going to work now. We have a collective (ooo a Communist word!) responsibility for our fellow American because together we are strong. The rich need to help the poor it’s as simple as that. “Wild and Crazy” may be fun, but it sure ain’t leadership and it sure ain’t American.

and so it goes…