Portland-Good Friday has just a communion service. Holy Saturday day has no liturgy at all during the day until sundown when the Easter vigil begins and Lent is officially over. It’s been a long slog through the 40 days but we’ve made it to coincide with Mitt Romney’s almost selection as the nominee of the Republican Party. I’m sure there is a connection but I can’t quite see it yet. On the one hand we have the celebration of new beginnings with Easter and on the other we have a party which promises old, tired and not so true ideas. Maybe this is the time of the year when we can actually see the difference in messages in the light of Spring after the darkness of Winter. But enough of campaigns and the drivel that passes for patriotism and the “good old days.” No, now is the time to celebrate the hope of a new planting and future harvest. As the prophet from the vigil says:

If you are thirsty, come and drink water!
If you don’t have any money, come, eat what you want!
Drink wine and milk without paying a cent.

Why waste your money on what really isn’t food?
Why work hard for something that doesn’t satisfy? (Isaiah 55)

My feelings exactly. The hope of the future isn’t on something that passes as food, but on real food. So far I haven’t seen anything that resembles anything nourishing. It has not been life-affirming. It has not been hopeful. Most of the rhetoric is like the deep friend Twinkie I am eating. It looks and tastes wonderful, but will stop my heart cold.

Happy Easter…and so it goes…