Downtown Sanford, Fl

And the story from Sanford, Fl, comes out in dribs and drabs. What really happened back in February when a youngster was killed in Florida because the neighbor-hood watch guy felt his life was threatened. (the defense) Under the broadest interpretation of the law all a shooter needs to say is that he/she felt their life was threatened. In light of what has happened since this story hit the papers and the national media, I thought the readings from today are again appropriate:

“Terror on every side!
Denounce! let us denounce him!”
All those who were my friends
are on the watch for any misstep of mine.
“Perhaps he will be trapped; then we can prevail,
and take our vengeance on him.” (Jeremiah 20)

Both sides have taken hits. OMG, Treyvon was suspended from school. What for?? Lateness.  See the picture of him in the “hoodie” doesn’t he look scary? The case has taken so many turns its hard to believe anything, yet there are some strange facts. Defenders of George Zimmerman, the shooter, say he was near brain-damaged at the hands of Treyvon Martin. Then video pops up from the police that shows George getting out of a police cruiser on his own power on the same evening, no blood on his shirt no apparent bruises from a near-death experience. Maybe it was another George Zimmerman. Then there’s Limbaugh who has turned this tragedy into “Obama trying to push the liberal agenda…” going on to say that they (those liberal-types) want us to believe that racism is still alive and well. Did Rush just speak the truth? Whoa!

The “stand-your-ground” law in Florida is pushed by ALEC – American Legislative Exchange Council as a model for the country. Oh yeah, these are also the guys who are also pushing for voter suppression. For example, at least thirty-three states have introduced voter ID laws this year. In addition to Wisconsin, Alabama, Kansas, South Carolina and Tennessee have passed similar bills. Only a veto by Democratic Governor John Lynch prevented New Hampshire from enacting a law the Republican House speaker admitted was advanced to make it harder for “liberal” students to cast ballots, and that one state representative described as “directly attributable to ALEC.” Democracy? Admit it, “stand-your-ground” is a very bad law in Florida and the two dozen other states where it has become law, need to repeal it. I don’t trust people with guns,  and if they have a “problem” with whatever (a guy-thing; authority; self-image) the last thing they need in their hands.

and so it goes…