Left or Right

Today, Sunday, we are presented with the great story of Lazarus. It’s a story about truth, friendship, courage, doing rather than being and sorrow turned into joy. If you have time today and what a good read from Scripture, this is one of the best. So much of what John writes about is so applicable to what is going on today. Here is the quote I excerpted from the reading:

“Are there not twelve hours in a day?
If one walks during the day, he does not stumble,
because he sees the light of this world.
But if one walks at night, he stumbles,
because the light is not in him.”(John 11)

So much of truth gets lost in sound bites and summaries that we hear on the TV machine that it is hard to ferret out what was real and what is passing for real without the follow-up challenge. This has been a difficult few weeks for the Martin family and for the families ravaged by violence in Afghanistan “in our name.” True, we didn’t pull the trigger in either case, but the results affect us all. To simply say, “I would never do this” does not absolve us from the facts that these violent acts were perpetrated by Americans. We are all Americans and as much as we bonded on 9/11 or 12/7/41 we need to bond now. Explaining away the violence helps some to distance themselves from our “collective responsibility” as¬†American psychiatrist Karl Menninger says, in his book “Whatever Became of Sin.” We tend to shrug it off as someone else’s problem, not mine. Truth be told, as a community bound together with a Declarations of Independence and a Constitution we do have a collective responsibility to try and change a culture that divides or a culture that simply shrugs away violence and turns it’s head away. If e pluribus unum really means what it means (from many, one) then we, the people (the ‘one’), must stand against anything that threatens that oneness, don’t you think? The opposite stance, as demonstrated in insensitive House budget plans and unfair tax rates and runaway gun laws and ridiculous, harmful and unnecessary laws against women’s health, is selfishness, plain and simple.

For you and I it takes great courage to stand up to the divisive and loud rhetoric streaming at us hourly which points fingers at this and that away from themselves and has little regard for either facts or the truth. So…where is the truth? It’s in the light. Progressing, not regressing should be the motivation and collective responsibility of this nation of ours. We are all shareholders, all of us, rich and poor straight or gay, people of color and no color, hoodie wearers and non-hoodie wearers, Fox watchers and non-Fox watchers . It’s time we rose from the dead of our inactivity or purely divisive activity and respond to the call, “Lazarus come forth!”

and so it goes…