I have been thinking about the hysteria leading up to our invasion of Iraq recently. This thought came after the horrendous murderous act by a U.S. soldier in southern Afghanistan over the weekend. How many people spoke out against a war with Iraq that eventually turned out to be a misguided invasion decision. The people who spoke out were shouted down and labeled by Fox and others as “unpatriotic” not worthy to share the same country. These dissident voices were prophets in their own right and dismissed as we marched toward war. There was so enough info to cast doubt on the WMD myth that there wasn’t a pressing need to rush. It was a wrong-headed decision that cost over 4000 American lives and the lives of countless civilians in Iraq. We cannot go back only forward. But must learn from it. Wars are horrible and should be the last resort. And some times in war, horrible acts happen that could have been prevented.  Now there’s talk of doing some damage to Iran or Syria. I firmly believe that if Fox didn’t exist, there would have been no Iraq war…but they continue to beat the drum. Today’s snippet comes from the Book of Luke and is a famous quote.

…no prophet is accepted in his own native place.(Luke 4)

Ironically it is in reference to a King in Damascus who comes to the prophet Elisha for a cure for his leprosy. The prophet tells him simply to wash himself in the Jordan 7 times and he will be cured. A very simple task. Yet the king gets incensed and claims the waters of the Abana and the Pharpar that run through Damascus are better than the Jordan. Luckily one of the kings aides challenges him by saying if the prophet had told him to do something extraordinary to cure is disease, he would have done it, no questions asked. A reasonable thought. So the king went and jumped in the Jordan 7 times and was cured. Surprise, surprise.

What Luke was getting at was, how many lepers were there in Israel and Elisha cures a foreigner and why you ask? Because the people of Israel didn’t listen to Elisha. So the bottom line is, listen to people who may have a differing view than you. You never know…it may be the truth you need to hear.

and so it goes…