Opposites attract

I’m not sure what’s going on in Republican state legislatures across this great country, but it ain’t jobs a-happenin’. Instead, social issues have returned with gusto. Issues, long decided by hard-fought laws and decided daily by an individual’s heart. So why now? Why so loud? I guess it’s because they really don’t really have a concrete jobs agenda and social issues are fun-er. We can also address their push for  the new voter-ID laws which are, transparently, laws to literally  keep people from voting. Oh the argument for these new laws is to suppress “voter fraud” which is about as bogus as you can get. What they will suppress and have already suppressed, are the votes of low-income voters (who, by the way, vote democratic). But no jobs coming out of these legislatures thank you. What is going on in this country? Something is not right…no pun intended. The reading from today comes from the prophet Jeremiah who says the man who doesn’t turns away from the lord will be:

He is like a barren bush in the desert
that enjoys no change of season,
But stands in a lava waste,
a salt and empty earth. (Jeremiah 17)

That’s what we are seeing happen. The lord seeks inclusion and I for one seek inclusion rather than exclusion. How about you? Sigh….and then there’s Wisconsin…

A GOP lawmaker in Wisconsin is trying to pass a bill that would classify “non marital parenthood” as a cause of child abuse. Since gays cannot legally mary in Wisconsin, the bill automatically includes single and coupled gays and lesbians, plus any single person regardless of orientation.

Check out Glenn Grothman here

In essence, the bill could, if it became law, be used to outlaw all gay couples raising children, and all single-parent households.

Yes, we all know these small government conservatives who want government just small enough to fit under our bedroom doors, in women’s uteruses, and now, determining who can and who cannot raise their own child.

This opens up a whole other argument about rights…by the way…where’s the jobs…Oh, ok, I’ll wait but American cannot.

and so it goes…