Ave of the Giants

On this night of the Michigan primary (and in Arizona, wherever that is) I am sitting on the porch of my apartment looking across El Camino in to the woods that is Atherton and wondering what the hell Santorum is talking about. Do you know? Higher education is akin to snobbery because universities brain-wash their students?? And a swipe at John Kennedy’s speech about the separation of Church and State as being a bad thing causing him to upchuck?? Please help me with understanding where he is coming from. I thought Pius the IX and Pius the XII were conservative. Rick is in a whole new specially designed mega-church. I can see that you are shaking your heads as well. To whom is he talking? It’s certainly not the likes of Jefferson. I think he was one of our founding fathers or something. (I read that somewhere. His picture is on our money. I guess I should have gone to college)

No one is saying that people of faith cannot have a voice in the town square. If anything, they may have too much voice in the town square drowning out those who speak from reason or even science (but those guys probably went to, you know, like college or someplace liberal). The First Amendment exists for two reasons, to keep churches out of the governance of this country and for government to keep out of church matters. In other words, no state Religion. Santorum seems to want to change settled law and have churches have a greater influence in the governing of this country. Imagine a country that has as part of its law the ten commandments, the born-again philosophy, re-incarnation and of course everyone’s favorite Sharia law. If you are in Michigan or that other state, please vote for Santorum. The debates next year would be fun.

His thing about higher education still baffles me. Don’t we want our kids to at least try and go to college? I know that not everyone is either equipped nor desirous of higher education. But learning? Snobbery? This statement is so bizarre coming from a man with two degrees. I suppose he is advocating college-home-schooling so our offspring aren’t able to think, or ask probing questions.

Which brings us to the reading for Tuesday, February 28th (we get an extra one tomorrow because it’s leap year). It is from the prophet(s) Isaiah and he talks about truth, the actual speaking of truth. (Fox viewers take notice…by the way Google ‘truth’ if you’re not sure what it means.)

So shall my word be
that goes forth from my mouth;
It shall not return to me void,
but shall do my will,
achieving the end for which I sent it.(Isaiah 55)

Truth is a shaky thing. In language class this afternoon our discussion word was “lie” and how some folks can tell a lie with a straight face and others have a difficult time. You know people who have a hard timing lying don’t you? And you probably know people who actually believe the lies they tell are the truth. (Like a half-hour on the Fox Newsy Channel) I’ve been amazed how both Gingrich and Romney are so good at it. If video tape and transcripts never existed we would buy their statements hook line and sinker. Alas for them these items do exist and with a very little research one can unearth the truth.

Oh, by the way, I think the trees in California are the right height as well.

and so it goes…