Zombies are Us

I love the AMC channel’s series, “The Walking Dead”  Sunday nights. Now that we are in a lull for Republican “debates” until later, this show is a great diversion and it takes place in the South (coincidence? I think not). Just like in the series, people begin to disappear right and left. (mmm where DID Perry and Cain and Huntsman go?) We are left with a rag-tag group of survivors who are trying to believe in a “new tomorrow” if we like them enough to vote for them. Seems like every time there is a primary or caucus the remaining survivors who are vying for the Republican nomination keep scrapping and clawing and trying to keep away from their killing-zombie-like rhetoric…after they rehtoricize it…(I guess they’ve never heard of, shhhh, tape).

The hyperbole coming from them makes makes about as much sense as the the grunts from the real zombies over at AMC. (e.g. Romney’s “severe conservative”; Santorum’s “I believe Obamacare will rob America, the best way I can put it is, rob America of its soul.”; Gingrich’s take on Spanish “The language of living in a ghetto.” and so on…)

Newt, the angriest of the bunch, uses the most hyperbolic language (the preceding was an almost hyperbole) if I added “uses the the most hyperbolic language in the entire history of hyperbole” then that would, yes, be hyperbole. He constantly calls President Obama “the most dangerous President in modern history.” Does anyone really know that that means? It’s a throw-away line by a troubled 7th grader…but it plays well with the uninformed FOX crowd doesn’t it. It is almost as good as Rick Santorum’s diatribe on the “infidel” (my use of the word, not his) Obama who is not really one of us (a usual theme of the not-to-bright) because his policies are not out of the Bible. I just don’t get that one, do you? Comment below if you can enlighten me on this oddity of hyperbole-ishness.

This week we start the Lenten season leading up to the Spring festival of real new beginnings, Easter. In between now and then (April 8th) there are 28 more primaries to watch and listen to. What will the people, well Republican people have to say about the Fantastic Four. Although there doesn’t seem to be much enthusiasm for any of them if the voter turn-out is any indication. Turnout was down 24% in Minnesota, Missouri was down 57% maybe a lack of interest? Maybe no message? Maybe there’s nothing there there or something. (Zombies are also empty headed with one thing on their minds….brains). We’ll be closely watching though to the end as this “thing” moves forward.

Speaking of Fox News and Dick Morris…was I? I don’t think so, I could have been. Anyway, I do feel sorry for Dick who is now whining about George Stephanopoulos being a “paid hitman for the Democrats.” OK… and you are what again Dick?  I’ve been wondering who would fill the void left by the ever-entertaining Glenn Beck.

Meanwhile, back at the zombie-thon, the speeches and the PACs are still going strong and Rick Santorum is still channeling the ailing Ian Paisley (same message, different Religion). I vaguely remember being a wee bit more open minded about the Bible in my Catholic grade school. I’m not quite sure which century he wants to return to. BC? BCE? CE? A.D.? 1925?

Well tomorrow is “Pancake Tuesday” (Ireland-Republic and Northern Ireland) and for some it is Carnaval and if you live in Lousiana it is Mardi Gras. Don’t you love historical festivals? I do. I remember history, it’s unfortunate that this crop of republican candidates do not. If you remember that famous saying…how does it go? Oh yes….Those who ignore History are doomed to vote Republican. Remember two things, Only you can prevent forest fires and two, Zombies hate pancakes.

and so it goes….