I told you, no arugula in my sandwich

In the old days we called this “hump” day, the day that marked over the hump of the week. Not what you’re thinking, get your mind out of the gutter. The news today has been about “fairness” and creating jobs. I’m not sure what to make of this. I listened to the SOTU last night. I heard the President talk about the Justice Department creating a group that looks into abuses that caused the downfall of the economy or why we lost our house. There are already complaints from the Republicans about how Obama is creating yet another “big government thing” and how it won’t work. *Bitch and moan* I guess regular citizens like us know better than the politicians who say that the President is on the right track up by +8% over the last month. 62% think the President is in touch with them, you know, us. I guess Romney is a walking billboard for what the President was talking against last night and, of course, the President’s re-election. Lots of polls were taken last night and today, show the country (or the “American People” as Boehner likes to put it) are leaning toward the President, that includes independents and yes, even Republicans. That even includes Paul supporters as well I guess. Interesting. I guess a simple question needs to be asked, “Do Republicans care more about creating jobs or making Obama a one-term president?” How would you answer this? I know how I would respond.

And then there’s Jan Brewer, governor of Arizona, who responded heatedly when President Obama told her he didn’t like the things she wrote about him in her book. She took exception to that, as seen from the picture above. Remember in the old post-partisan-ish days when one politician would respond to another, “I really didn’t like what you wrote, but you wrote it very well.” I guess Obama left the last part out. Good for him.

and so it goes…