I was looking at Mitt’s tax return and it occurred to me that there really are two tax codes in this country, one for wage earners and one for investors and they are not equal. Not only is the wage earner tax liability high and is far higher than Mitt’s 13.9% on income, we wage earners are more likely to be audited than Mitt is. How is that possible? Well our taxes are simpler and the IRS scrutinizes our deductions a lot closer than it does the other .006% of which Romney is a part. If there ever was evidence that 2 Americas exist, here it is. Romney’s tax returns run hundreds of pages and they do not include anything illegal, but are mind boggling. He gave 100 million to his kids in a trust and was not charged gift taxes. Zip,nada. Normally one would pay 33 million with a hundred million dollar gift. I’d like to say that we have no rancor towards someone who has succeeded so well, but I digress. I would just like a level playing field for all of us.

Romney calls our fascination with his wealth, envy and class warfare. The envy issue could be debated, but it is the tax code that is causing the class warfare.  Is this ok with everyone? Is this the best Republicans can come up with?

Obama, 4 more years!

and so it goes….