except follow up questions, OK?

I have finally recovered from yesterday’s game at Candlestick. I always root for the Giants, no, the REAL Giants, the orange and black guys who used to play baseball at Candlestick. Yesterday we came up short, that’s the plain and simple truth. I can bitch and moan about dropped balls or stupid errant knees in the wrong place and, of course,  field position, but I won’t. The “what ifs” doesn’t move me forward only makes me stuck in the past. That’s sooo 2012…I’m looking forward to 2013…yes…2013.

Speaking of “stuck in the past” it looks like Newt will take Florida. Yes, in spite of fumbles and dropped passes, he seems to be plowing ahead to the front. Where is the justice? Where’s the replay (instant or otherwise)? The front runners of Newt and Mitt are going after each other and forgetting about Obama for the minute. Romney, the nice family guy now has to become as in-your-face as his opponent in the primary process. It is such an uncomfortable persona for him to wear. Lost in the process is his message of Obama trying to turn America into a European Socialist whatever. However the very policies that are taking place in Europe right now, are the very same approaches the Republican candidates advocate, kinda ironic huh. However I don’t think any of the candidates really know what socialism is. But we already knew that. And poor Newt’s red meat “food stamp” president remark is so weak since it was under Bush that the food stamp program grew. But facts be damned for any one running for president. And then there’s Rick Santorum who didn’t correct a supporter when she told him “He (Obama) is an avowed Muslim…he doesn’t have any right to be president.” Santorum, by not correcting the woman helps perpetuate the “foreign” “not-one-of-us” even “exotic” perception of our president. I thought that talk was behind us. Sigh. I know this is only one person, but it goes to show the rest of us how uninformed and ridiculously simplistic some of the electorate still are. Too many people (children)  have been left behind

and so it goes…