Time to go

It’s recall time! In Wisconsin, the head of the state Democratic Party said that the petitions collected so far weigh more than 3,000 pounds — a ton-and-a-half. The party also said the if the petitions were laid end to end, they would stretch from Camp Randall Stadium, the Madison home of the Wisconsin Badgers, all the way to Miller Park, the Brewers stadium in Milwaukee. Organizers would NOT say how many signatures were collected over the last two months, however, some are speculating that figure could hit the 1 million mark. Organizers need 540,000 signatures to force a recall election of Republican Gov. Scott Walker.

In spite of what people may think, this is democracy in action. Regret and redress. So what’s next? Yes, Ohio! Not only have these Republican governors started to pick apart worker rights in these states, but have pushed draconian voting restrictions on the public, specifically lower income folks. Redistricting I can handle, both parties do this when they are in power, but the voting schemes developed in Republican legislatures including picture ID. They justify their decisions based on the fear of rampant “voter fraud” is blatantly an  un-American move. Even that weasel James E. O’Keefe who on his search for incidents of voter fraud, had actually used the name and address of a live person, mistakenly thought to be dead, to try and video a ballot transaction. This incident will blow up in his stupid face. There’s a lot going on out there folks…check it out….

Hey you know what? We (progressive democrats) need only 50 house seats to regain control. Get out there. That’s an order.

This site will be down tomorrow for 24 hours in protest of SOPA.

and so it goes…