Latter Day St. Seamus

Yes it’s an old story funny and not so funny at the same time. It’s the story of a dog’s 12 hour journey to Canada on the roof of Mitt Romney’s car. The way Mitt tells it, he had 5 kids in the car and nowhere to put the doggie. So… about on the roof of the car in an “air-tight” dog-carrier. Yeah that’ll work…at least until the dog has diarrhea down the back window of the car. I’m supposing that by air-tight Romney means the dog was wearing SCUBA gear. Even Chris Wallace on the über-friendly-right-wing-loving Fox asked Romney, “What were you thinking?” This was in 2007, the last time Romney was running for his party’s nomination. As you can gather from this writing, the story just won’t go and play “fetch.” It is still around, sometimes brought up on TV, sometimes not.

Most of the stories surrounding Willard these days are stories about Bain Capital. He keeps telling people that he was a “jobs creator” while with Bain not a vulture capitalist. Yes, yes we all know that investment firms are more interested in making money for their investors (and themselves) than jobs. Let’s just be honest about that. Investment firms are not charitable organizations. They do not have souls. And so on and so on…but the dog story tells more about Romney than the Bain stories don’t you think? The poor animal rode all the way to Canada on the top of his friggin’ car for God’s sakes. Just the vision of that act trickles down (like the diarrhea from the dog) to Romney’s caring attitude toward other dumb animals, like us. Being rich shouldn’t negate someone from running for elected office after all the Kennedy’s were pretty well off when Jack ran for President. I guess what negates a person is being rich AND living in a mental gated community. Seamus is gone now and his master? Well his master will be off the scene as well very soon. Come on admit it, Perry and Paul are more fun to watch anyway, aren’t they? Well ever since Michele and Herman exited stage left.

and so it goes….